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Technofile downloads, batch files and technical references
Revised Aug. 23, 1998

You can download some of the files I write about quickly and easily by choosing the links listed here. You'll also find files in each group that I haven't mentioned in my newspaper columns. I've added them because they could be of interest to readers and non-readers alike. You'll notice a heavy bent toward Microsoft's Windows 95 here, largely because of my own tastes. Please don't flame me with arguments about PCs vs. Macs.


Windows 95 updates links from Microsoft


Batch file project: Programming examples and useful DOS batch files 


MPEG Layer 3 audio samples 


Windows 95 interface enhancements 


Bug fixes for Windows 95 


What's in Windows 98?


Tips and help for Windows 95 users


Excellent file-and-e-mail find applets for Windows 95 users


At last, a worthwhile Windows 95 cache manager for Netscape and Internet Explorer


Long-filename support for File Manager in Windows 95


Replacements for Notepad in Windows 95


Fancier icons in Windows 95


A much-needed (and free) enhancement for HyperTerminal


Powerful, no-cost image-manipulation tools designed for Windows 95


A simple and powerful privacy tool for Windows 95


File-transfer (ftp) programs for Windows PCs and Macs

Using a Web browser to shuttle files from one computer to another is a waste, especially since any good ftp program can do the same thing faster while taking up a lot less memory. If you haven't used ftp, now's the time to learn it. You'll be glad you did.


Alternative news servers for all users

I'm often asked if I have a list of news servers that allow anyone to log on and download Usenet news feeds. I have something even better. Here are two links that provide updated lists of free news servers. The first is a list of servers rated by speed (in table form, so don't use this link if your browser is old), and the second is the NewzBot home page, where you'll find more links and information about free servers.


Windows 95 utilities

Symentec, parent of the Norton series of utilities for Windows, has trial versions of its software. Take a look, but don't forget to note the download file size! Choose this link to go to the Symantec Trialware page.


Enhancements for Windows 95's Exchange e-mail

Exchange is the e-mail-and-fax program that is built into Windows 95. It's wonderful and terrible. (Only Microsoft knows how to get those two features into the same program.) Do yourself a favor and fix it. First, get the updated version of Exchange from Microsoft. (This link is a long list of Windows updates, so make a shortcut to it and save it!)


Personal Information Managers for Windows 95


3D screen savers for Windows 95

Microsoft did the right thing by making sure old Windows 3.1 screen savers would work under Windows 95. But if you're using one of those tired old Win 3.1 screen savers or if you have collected a few boring Windows 95 screen savers, you need to get your PC a life.


Best graphics display utility for Windows 95


An image cataloging system you won't want to be without


Screen capture utility for Windows 95


Fun stuff for Windows 95

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