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100-mpg Cadillac? I'm still waiting

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100-mpg Cadillac? I'm still waiting

By Al Fasoldt

Copyright © 1984, The Syracuse Newspapers

Gene Roe of Cortland was prompted to write by my skepticism concerning the claim of a 100-mpg Cadillac.

Roe says cars have slipped through production lines (by accident, I believe he means) with carburetors that enabled them to get high mileage (61.4 mpg for a huge Chrysler engine when the car was going 70 mph).

Others wrote to insist on similar claims, and no one had any proof. I won't argue with anybody on the subject; I have an open mind. All anybody has to do to prove the existence of a 67.4-mpg Chrysler V8 or a 100-mpg Cadillac or a 200-mpg Subaru is to let me drive it over a standard course.

Any takers?

1997 note: No one ever showed up at my door in a 100-mpg Cadillac.)

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