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At last, cable Internet service for the Syracuse area
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At last, cable Internet service for the Syracuse area 

Bit Player for March 29, 1998

By Al Fasoldt

Copyright © 1998, The Syracuse Newspapers

Ultra-high-speed Internet service is coming to Central New York this summer.

Time Warner Cable has announced that its cable Internet service will be available in June in the Syracuse suburbs, in the Oswego area and in Oneida and surrounding towns. The city of Syracuse and the Cortland area will be added later.

Cable Internet connections are 100 to 400 times faster than standard modem connections to the Internet and do not require a phone line. The Time Warner service, called Road Runner, provides full access to the Internet and an e-mail address.

The Time Warner Internet service is based on a flat rate with no hourly charges. It will cost an extra $40 a month if you subscribe to the company's cable TV service or $45 a month if you're not a cable TV subscriber and want only Internet access. Installation costs about $100.

You must have a modern PC or later-model Macintosh to use the cable Internet hookup. Time Warner supplies an external cable modem and an internal network adaptor device called a "card" that connects your computer to the cable modem.

Time Warner says these are the requirements for PCs and Macs:

    • A PC running at least a 486 processor at a speed of 66 MHz or faster. It must be running Windows 95 or Windows 98 and have at least 16 megabytes of memory (RAM). The installation requires a 110 megabytes of free disk space, according to Time Warner).
    • A standard Mac with a 68040 processor or any Power Mac, running System 7.5.3 or later, using Open Transport. Disk space needed is the same as for PCs, 110 megabytes.

Road Runner subscribers will not need to use their phone lines or regular modems to access the Internet. If you currently pay for a second phone line just for Internet access, you'll be able to save the cost of the second line and the cost of your current dialup Internet Service Provider account.

Road Runner subscribers can keep their current Internet Service Provider accounts or their membership in services such as America Online. In that case, they'll have an added benefit—high-speed access to their other provider, through the cable Internet connection. This would be ideal for those who maintain Web sites at another Internet Service Provider or who need to use America Online for specific purposes. (You can easily change the AOL connection within AOL's software so that it connects directly over the Internet instead of through a phone connection.)

Time Warner has more information at its local Road Runner Web site,

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