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Sites for the sporting life
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Sites for the sporting life 

Bit Player for Aug. 24, 1997

By Al Fasoldt

Copyright © 1997, The Syracuse Newspapers

I'm not a sports fan, unless you count my fascination with the Apple-Microsoft sparring match—the one that turned into a love fest. (Round Two anyone?) But I do know where you can find software for sports fans.

The sites listed here are all member sites in the Association of Shareware Professionals. You don't have to be a member of ASP to be a shareware developer, of course, but the ASP "seal of approval'' helps keep out the stuff written and abandoned by moonlighting hackers.

If you need software to help manage a bowling league, go to the 101 Computers site at You can download Bowl101 for DOS and Windows. Bowl101 helps bowling leagues keep track of teams, scores and other data.

At the All-Pro Software site at, you 'll find schedulers for software leagues as well as statistics-tracking programs for baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey. A football statistics program should be ready soon. These are designed for old and new versions of Windows, and All-Pro may have Mac versions, too. (You're asked to call a toll-free number for Mac information.)

If you spend a lot of time (but, I hope, not a lot of money) betting on sports, go to for the WinBet site. It's based in Finland, but the software is universal. The links from the WinBet site can be helpful, too. All software is for Windows.

Long-distance and racing cyclists should go to, where BikePro Cycling Software offers a downloadable version of its cyclist training program. It runs on old and new versions of Windows.

Golfers can download Golf Score Card from Cu-Soft at The program gives golfers a statistical view of their scores on any of hundreds of courses. It runs on old and new versions of Windows.

Although it's a simulation, I couldn't resist mentioning Fisherman's Delight from You'll find the original version and a new one, both providing computer-simulated fishing at freshwater and saltwater locations. They run on old and new versions of Windows.

You'll get no fish stories from Dick Olsen. He's been writing classic fishing simulations for years, but also has a fishing log program and a collection of tips for bass fishermen. The software is DOS-based and will run on PCs under Windows, too. Go to

Pro football handicapping software is available from at the Mr. NFL site. It runs on all versions of Windows.

Baseball statistics are one specialty of the Software Construction Co. at Its Diamond Data program runs under DOS.

Hunters get their own program from, where Deer Expert can be downloaded. The site also has Fish Expert. Both run under old and new versions of Windows.

A correction: I reported recently that Apple Computer no longer owns Claris Corp. I was wrong. Claris is a subsidiary of Apple, even though half the software it sells is designed for Windows PCs.

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