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Letter from Rodney Frendak
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Another response to one of my reports on Apple Computer

Aug. 10, 1997


Sent: Sunday, August 10, 1997 10:43 am


Subject: Microsoft-Apple partnership

Hello again, Al. Remember me, the lone commercial artist in the world who uses a PC for his graphics work? I just read your article in today's STARS magazine concerning the new deal between Microsoft and Apple.

A well written piece, but I have one comment. At the end of the article, you seem to infer that Apple doesn't want Microsoft around, that Apple shouldn't want Microsoft around. Well, deep down, maybe Apple doesn't like the current situation, but it seems to me they better start to count their blessings. Had this deal not been made, Apple's days were certainly numbered. Maybe they still are, but a lot of that depends on how cooperative they're going to be with Microsoft. It just seems so typical of the Mac user attitude that their platform is so great and Windows is so bad. Why then do Mac sales represent only 6% of the market? Apple should know it's foolish to bite the hand that feeds them.

>From a consumer stand point, and particularly from a computer artist's view, this Apple- Microsoft deal can only bring about good things. The Mac-Windows platforms have already been blurred to the point of practically no difference in terms of ease of use. Most graphics programs are written to be cross platfom compatible. And if some Mac computers start using Intel-based processors, this is a God-send for people like me.

My concern is more for Microsoft. It appears they're the ones who are doing all the giving, but what's Apple giving them. When are PC users going to see Soft Mac software, hmm?

In closing, it's not 1984 anymore. Mac has been given a big break. Microsoft may be a 900 pound gorilla, but at least he's friendly (and generous). Sure, Microsoft wants something in return, but, as far as I can see, they're giving a lot more than they're getting back. So to all Mac users and their sympathizers, grow up. Under the circumstances (that you put yourself in anyway), your prayers have been answered.


Rodney Frendak


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