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It's a MOD world: Music
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It's a MOD, MOD world: The music 

Technofile sidebar for Sept. 7, 1997

By Al Fasoldt

Copyright © 1997, Al Fasoldt

I've put together four zipped collections of MOD audio files. If unzipping is a mystery to you or if you don't yet have software that will unzip files, you can download all the MODs from the "best" category separately.

I'd estimate that a diligent Web (and ftp-site) searcher could eventually locate 10,000 MOD files on the Internet and in CD-ROM issues. I've heard only a few thousand and stored about 1,000 on my own CDs. The MODs available here are from my personal collection of representative selections.

Picking a favorite from among the eight in the first list is hard, but if you have time for only one MOD, listen either to Bodveizer or Chokolate Groove.

Individual MOD audio files:

Amazing Popcorn (popcorn.mod)
Bodveizer (bodveiz.mod)
Chokolate Groove (choco.mod)
Klisje Paa Klisje (klisje.mod)
Pianoey (pianoey.mod)
Storochliten (storo.mod)
Whispering Silence (silence.mod)
Zoo Party! (zoo.mod)

MOD audio collections, all in ZIP format, sizes in k[ilobytes] or m[egabytes]:

Best MOD files (, 755k). The MODs in this collection are the ones listed individually above, except that the names are stored in long filename format.
Representative MODs, collection 1 (, 3m)
Representative MODs, collection 2 (, 2.3m)
Representative MODs, collection 3 (, 2.4m)

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