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MPEG Layer 3 recordings you can sample
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MPEG Layer 3 recordings you can sample

Nov. 9, 1997

By Al Fasoldt

Copyright © 1997, Al Fasoldt

The MPEG Layer 3 audio recordings available here are provided for demonstration purposes only, as a way to show off the quality of the MPEG Layer 3 process. You need an MPEG audio player to listen to these recordings.

You'll find:

  • Three short outtakes from microphone tests prior to a recording session. (The performer is the engineer for the session, and the mike tests were being done to assure the placement of a stereo microphone in a small, live studio. I think you'll find the vocal sound very accurate. And, yes, I was the engineer. I hope you will forgive the singing.) The excerpts are all direct digital copies of the original analog tapes and are about half a megabyte each. Choose these links to download Outtake Number 1, Outtake Number 2 and Outtake Number 3.

  • An excerpt from a demo recording originally created to give tape-deck owners a way to check their playback quality. This was produced by Audio Art, a recording company run by myself and my brother Bob, and is 813 kilobytes. Choose this link to download Audio Art Demo Number 1.

  • An experimental recording, And Darkness Was Upon the Face of the Deep, also produced by Audio Art. This recording is extremely wide-ranging. It's 5.28 megabytes in MPEG Layer 3 format. (The original digital transfer version is extremely large.) Choose this link to download And Darkness Was Upon the Face of the Deep.

  • A performance by Bob Fasoldt of an original ballad, Time Flies By, taken directly from the master tape and transferred to PCM audio. The PCM version is very large; the MPEG Layer 3 version here is 4.04 megabytes. Choose this link to download Time Flies By.

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