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Letter from Ben Silverstein

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Tips on getting Outlook to work with the Timex Data Bank

May 18, 1997


Read your piece this morning on Outlook. I've been using it for a while and am impressed with its features, even if it is a little quirky as yet. One point you might not be aware of: the Export capabilities of Outlook include sending data to the Timex Data Bank watch, as did Schedule+ (after you installed the capability), but there is a difference. While Schedule+ was single-minded in its watch function, Outlook has several choices for the user to make, which can get confusing.

Owners of the older, plain vanilla Timex watch (like myself), are now presented with not only that choice, but also the 150 and 150s models. Simply choosing the original model is not enough, however. A menu of framing modes then is presented, and if the watch does not respond (as it almost certainly will not), you can then pick from a range of 50-72 Hz signals. I have not bothered to compute all the possible permutations, but I feel as if I have tried them all.

Anyway, the one that worked for me was the original (non-150) watch with "CRT Mode 2 - DOS Unframed" setting. Thought you might like to pass it along.


Ben Silverstein

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