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Windows 98 links

March 22, 1998

By Al Fasoldt

Copyright © 1998, Al Fasoldt

Yahoo! search for Windows 98 information:

Windows Magazine Win 98 page: Windows 98

Internet Explorer 4.0 technical paper:

Australian PC Magazine's look at Windows 98:

PC Magazine examines Memphis (the test version of Windows 98) and Internet Explorer 4.0:

PC Magazine's explanation of the Web integration in Windows 98:

Michael J. Miller of PC Magazine reports on the new features of Windows 98:

Web broadcasting features of Windows 98:,4,15041,00.html

Windows 98 may be the last non-NT version of Windows:,4,14833,00.html

Drexel University page on Windows 98:

NetPanel look at Windows 98:

Frank Condron's Windows 98 site:

What's missing in Windows 98?

HomePC magazine special report:

Graeme Bennet's Windows 98 site:

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