Cafe Plus
East Syracuse, New York

August 2017


We are proud to announce the opening of a coffee shop named Cafe Plus in East Syracuse, NY. It's for people who have survived a head-injury, or some type of head trauma or stroke as well as friends and family members. We're open the first Saturday afternoon of every month from 12 to 4. There's coffee, food, conversation, and much more.

What makes Cafe Plus different? Simple. It's run for head-injured people. Of course friends, family members, professionals, volunteers and students are always welcome too.

You can,
Please Note, Cafe Plus will be open the first Saturday of every month.
 However we will be closed for Labor Day and Re-Open Saturday September 9th.

During the first year of operation we provided a range of activities including pot-luck dinners, a talent show, yoga classes, a poetry session, and live music. Since that time we've also had slide shows and watched movies like James Bond, Crocodile Dundee, Men in Black, and Spider Man. We've also exhibited our art work at libraries and coffee shops in the community. We've gone apple-picking in the country and bowling too.

Try a taste of Cafe Plus then decide for yourself. Cafe Plus -- a new place with a difference, making a difference in our 21th year of operation.

We were awarded a grant last year from the Garretson Firm and look forward to creating some great art, doing yoga, getting a video camera, and updating our computer. Click Cafe Plus Art Work below to see some samples of our new art work -- paintings, drawings, water colors, and collage. Cafe Plus Art Work.


Yoga Class at Cafe Plus

Yoga Class taught by Instructor Cynthia


Don Bullard talks on Sept. 27, 2008.

Don Bullard from the Albany-area gave an inspirational talk about the power of positive thinking to visitors


Cafe Plus opened in 1996 as a place for head-injured survivors in the Central New York area to relax, do some meaningful activities, and have a good time with others. Too often, survivors feel isolated and left out of society after being seriously injured in car wrecks, falls, industrial accidents, sports mishaps, or assaults, then spending months or even years in recovery. As a result, many head-injured survivors experience a loss of identity and lowered self-esteem.

The purpose of this coffee shop is to help people combat feelings of isolation and assist them in re-connecting socially and make friendships. The people in the Central New York area have responded with over 5000 visitors and about 15  or so people coming each week.

Cafe Photo and Manager David Listowski

Cafe Plus Manager Dave Listowski

Photo by Rob Tarlach


Cafe Plus is located in a modern brick building at 216 West Manlius Street in East Syracuse which is the main road in the Village of East Syracuse. It's on the corner of West Manlius and North Streets just behind the AMTEK Building and very near to Rite Aid pharmacy. It's on the CENTRO Bus line and buses leave from and return to downtown Syracuse every hour on Saturdays. The building is also wheel chair accessible.

Cafe Photo last December

Card games are frequently enjoyed at Cafe Plus .

Photo by Dave Listowski


If you are coming by expressway, get off Route 690 at Thompson Road North exit, then turn right at the first traffic light which is Burnet Avenue. Continue for about a half mile and go over a bridge until you reach a traffic light then turn right onto West Manlius Street. Continue on West Manlius Street for three blocks until you reach North Street. The building is on the left hand side, at the corner of West Manlius and North streets. We are located on the North Street side, just behind the AMTEK Building. Call-A-Bus drivers use 106 North Street as the drop-off and pick-up address. Plenty of free parking is available at the facility. Note: If these directions don't make sense then try MAPQUEST on the Internet or call (315) 446-3124. We hope to see you real soon!

Cafe Photo

People come to Cafe Plus to talk to others, play board games,

enjoy some coffee and food, and have a good time !

Photo by Dave Listowski


We are very grateful to Community Options of Central New York for providing space and great support for Cafe Plus.


For more information about Cafe Plus activities, call David Listowski at: (315) 446-3124, or send questions and comments by email to: or visit this Web site again at:

7. The VOICE Newsletter

If you would like to receive a free printed copy of The VOICE Newsletter, then write: Dave Listowski, 1201 Meadowbrook Drive, Syracuse, NY 13224 or email to the address in Section 6 above. Please include your name and address since it is sent by regular mail. This award-winning 4-page newsletter features news, articles, poetry, art, and photography by and about people with Traumatic Brain Injury and has been published quarterly since July 1996. After receiving your complementary copy of The VOICE and you would like to subscribe for one year, then send $5 to cover copying and postage costs.

8. Other Cool TBI Internet Web Sites

Another great Internet web site is: The Perspectives Network. It contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about TBI and lots of references to TBI resources such as articles, books, and videos.

Many TBI survivors get confused and put off by the jargon used by people working in the field. Dr. Glen Johnson, a clinical Neuro-Psychologist comes to the rescue with an on-line handbook, The Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide. It contains lots of practical, down-to-earth hints and suggestions about coping with common TBI problems such as getting organized, fatigue, getting overloaded, anger, and memory. Definitely worth a look.

Yet another fantastic web site is: Brain Injury Resource Center. It is a non-profit clearinghouse founded and operated by head injury survivors from Seattle since 1985. It's a place to get information, join a discussion group, build advocacy and self-care skills, or assess your own clinical situation. This site combines resources from many places -- support groups, rehabilitation and research sites, and journals. Their goal is to create stronger, wiser head-injury survivors and families.

Another web site in Central New York State is: Exceptional Family Resources. They provide a variety of services and have a comprehensive resource manual to disability resources in Central New York. Please have a look !

Another web site also in New York State is: The TBI Help Desk for Caregivers. This site comes out of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Jamaica, New York which has the James & Sarah Brady Institute. It has information with resource links, resources, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and coping strategy suggestions. Please have a look !

A web site with lots of links is from: The Brain Injury Information Network. It contains links to TBI Organizations, articles, books, legal information, medical and drug information, TBI Chat Rooms, TBI Survivor Home Pages, commercial TBI software, and more...

A web site with books and articles about TBI is at: Lash & Associates Publishing.and Training Plenty of great information on the site or you can order books and materials about TBI and recovery, and they have speakers with lots of expertise. Definitely worth a close look.

A web site by an articulate TBI survivor who was injured 30 years ago and who lives in the Boston area is: Jeff Sebell. He shares his experiences with Inspirational Talks and he does challenge you -- in a good way. Please check it out.

And finally, a web site containing legal information is: Injury Board. It contains legal and medical info and even lets you do a search on legal stuff. It can provide help in sorting through the legal system, ask an attorney a question, and get contacts for lawyers in your local area. So check it out if you have legal questions or issues.

Art work done at Cafe Plus