On March 28, 2005, my Abbey died from congestive heart failure.

Abbey enjoying the sofa.

My Darling Abbey

My sweet Abbey. You had such an awful life for 8 years as you are a puppy mill survivor. You spent your first 8 years of your life in a kennel in Kansas. You were advertised as "free" as you weren't wanted anymore since you weren't producing puppies. You came into my life on November 22, 2002 and arrived with that cute little wiggle of yours. You were afraid to come into the house when I brought you home. You never did go up or down steps and I loved carrying you. After awhile, you grew to trust me and I became your best friend as you already were mine. The first time I took you to petsmart, you grabbed a toy off the shelf-a toy with all different colors that squeaked. Until your last days on this earth, you loved that toy and when you wanted attention, you would squeak the toy to get me to play with you. Abbey, I miss you so much. You brought so much to my life. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life Miss Abbey girl. I wish I could have saved you sooner and loved you longer and even more. I'll miss you forever and you are always and forever in my heart. My darling Abbey girl....July 28, 1994 to March 28, 2005. I love you, Abbey. I thank you for bringing me so much joy. My heart aches and cries for you. My Abbey. I will miss you forever. My sweetheart. You are now with Buttons and Molly Annie. We love you so much.

Photo by Joan

Lighting a candle in memory

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