Adam's Family


Here is Nicky, at age 6 months, What a heart breaker!

Nicky and Angel

Nicky, on the right, and Angel

First Photos

Lorena, Angel and Nicky

These are Dolly's new pups - they are 4 weeks old in this picture.
Aren't they adorable!

Bed time!

Here are Lorena, (left) Angel, (middle) and Nicky.
Doesn't Nicky look comfortable upside down?

Mom and babies

Dolly, looking up at the camera. Can you get me out, PLEASE?

Sire: BO-K'S Phoenix Son name..Sonny
Dam: CH. Jomakai's Satin Doll... Call name..Dolly
Birth date: November 17, 1997
Puppies names: Jomakai's Angelic Lorena.." Lorena"
Jomakai's Angelic Dream..." Angel"
Jomakai's Saint Nicholas..." Nicky"
All are ever so sweet and smart puppies.. Angel is a bit more sassy
than Angelic and Lorena lives up to the Angelic in her name..
Nicky is named for Santa since he is a Christmas present to
David and Sallie Juvenal in Austin, Tx...He is living with
Sallie and David now, and he doing ever so great..At 7 weeks,
he is already potty trained and loves his new sisters..Kimmie and Bea.
and big brother, Weller...Angel is a keeper and will be shown in Tx,
and Lorena is lovely and looking for a show or pet home of her own.
All give wonderful boston kisses....


This is CH. Alohaisle Maiguy Adam, ROM, under our Xmas tree. He was my first show Boston and having left my 2 pet Bostons on the mainland, my husband gave me Adam for Xmas 2 years after we arrived in Hawaii. He was number one Boston in Hawaii from age 3 until we retired him at age 8. He is presently 10 years old, and looks and acts like 3! Photos by Carolyn Killebrew

Adam and Eve

This is Adam and Eve. They were my foundation for my line which is Jomakai Bostons. My line comes from interbreeding Alohaisle with Bo-K. My Adam was born locally, and Eve came from Karen Milhem of Bo-K Boston, in Phoenix, AZ. At 8 weeks, she went into quarantine, and for 4 months of captivity, she was spoiled by one and all. When she came home, she made sure that Adam knew that she was the boss! Eve died tragically on July 10, 1997. She will be missed by all.

Adam and All

From left to right - this is Teddy, Thunder, Adam and Eve, all looking in different directions for Santa. They are all loved and owned by Carolyn Killebrew of Jomakai Bostons, in Hawaii.

Adam and Ted

This is CH. Alohaisle Adam (on left) and CH. Bo-K's Ted E. Bear (on right), waiting and watching for Santa's arrival. Ted came to me at age 4 1/2 months from my breeder, Karen Milham, in Phoenix, AZ, and he is a true gentleman. He is a heavy weight, weighing in at 22 lbs. He is so sweet and gentle that anyone and everyone can be around him. He loves to play with small children, and joins in on all of their games.

Adam and Thunder

On the left is CH. Alohaisle Maiguy Adam, with his son, CH. Alohaisle Jomakai Thunder, who we always called Thunder Boy. Thunder was attacked at 4 months by a Sharpei at an outdoor fun match. After that, he was always slightly skittish when large dogs and many people were gathered together. He always felt safe at the end of my lead, though, and finished his championship at age 2, along with his sister, Angelica. I lost Thunder at age 6, on May 1st, and still miss him. His son, Rehbel, and daughter, Kim, are carrying on for him, though.


CH. Jomakai's Satin Doll who is shown here in her winning photo of a new Champion. Always a proud day and she was a proud little girl. Dolly is an active and inquisitive little girl who vies for mom's foot with Panda at the dog shows. She is always annoyed if mom shows Panda instead of her. if she greets you, you will be covered with slurpy boston kisses.


This is CH. Jomakai's Jesse James shown here with his favorite person, his mom! His sire is CH. BO-K's Ted E. Bear and his dam is CH. Jomakai's Moriah. He is lovingly owned by Carolyn Killebrew of Jomakai Bostons in Hawaii but soon to relocate to Waco, TX. Jesse is a large and very loving Boston who weighs in at 22#. More to love, mom!


This is CH. Jomokai's Jobe II, Dolly's dad, with his co-owner,Tammy Tampos.


This is Jomakai's Little bear ( Rehbel or Doc. REB ) when he took Best of Breed at the Windward Allbreed dogShow on sept. 30, 1996. He is shown with the judge, Gordon Archer from Austalia, and his proud mom, Scottie Killebrew. What a show off!!

Rehbel and Sonny

This is Jomaikai's Little Bear and Bo-K's Phoenix Son. Jomakai's Little Bear is the son of CH. Alohaisle Jomakai Thunder and CH. Jomakai's Moriah. His call name is Doc. Rebel and he got his call name from my vet who delivered him and his 2 sisters. Rehbel is a very sweet, cuddly guy whose favorite pasttime is being in mom's lap. He loves to chase his buddy, Sonny, and delights in stealing his mom's things off the table. He hasn't learned to carry the coffee cup without spilling it though. Today he is the happy baby of SandyG2945 and her husband, Chuck. He has a new buddy...Dillon. Bo-K's Phoenix Son is called Sonny and came to me from Karen and Bob Milham of Bo-K Bostons in Phoenix, AZ. He endured 4 months of prison in quarantine at the tender age of 8 weeks. He is an engaging and loveable little guy who is on the move all of the time.

All photos by Scottie

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