CH. Alohaisle Maiguy Adam, ROM

As it was in the beginning, it is again...Adam and Eve are together .. and what better company to have than Joe, Molly, and all of the angel bostons that are with them. And we too shall be as in the beginning and back with our loved ones when our day comes. Our eyes yearn to see them, our hearts hold them within us,and our tears fall and become diamonds in the sky for the angels to play on. My arms shall always feel the warm weight of Adam as I held him during his last journey home..Fly to us, our angels, and let us feel the warmth of your love..Your unconditional love that will be with us for all eternity...We love you,our angels...Scottie

Scottie and Adam



AUGUST 17, 1986 - JANUARY 30, 1998


Adam came to me at 6 weeks as an early Christmas present. My husband,Joe,gave him to me as I wanted a Boston for show and to love as he and my daughter Crickett were into showing our Dobermans. I wanted one who could lie in my lap and be cuddled as the Dobes thought they were lap dogs but a bit too big for me. As all Bostons are, he was bright and intelligent and into everything.. The girls always complained that he would only sleep in my lap...But then,he was maiguy and his heart belonged to me. I carried him so much at obedience classes that our friends swore he didn't have legs. I was always afraid a larger dog would hurt him, but I need not have worried for though he was small, he thought he was as big as the Dobes he was growing up with. At just 4 months, he dared any other dog to come near his mom, and had no trepidation at scaring them away. He also showed how big his heart was when my husband lost his favorite Dobe. Adam climbed into his lap when usually he only climbed into mine. He stayed in Joe's arms all weekend and acted as if he was trying to absorb the hurt he knew Joe was feeling. From that day forth, he was more Joe's boy than mine. When I lost my husband to cancer in '93, he laid under the tv or 2 months. Just watching the steps and waiting for his favorite person to come up them. I am sure that one day he did appear to him as all of a sudden he left his vigil, and became attached to me once more. Joe was seen often by my daughter and grandson after his death, and although I never saw him, I knew he was there as he loved to play with the electricity in a way that it could never be the power company.

Adam started his show career at 6 months, and from the first time, he entered the ring, he went in as if he was the very best and all should notice him. He won his first show even though he slipped his lead and ran outside to mom. I gave him back to my husband and he went on to take BOB. Adam went to many shows after that and was defeated only twice during his career. He won First in group twice and many other placements to make him the number one Boston in Hawaii till he was 8 years old. Although he didn't approve of retirement, I retired him at age 8 when he developed a heart murmur. He loved to show and many times would hide in the van to go to the Doberman specialties. We had to put a lock on his crate 'til we left for the show as he could open a crate from within or without in 5 seconds flat.

Adam had many nicknames in his life time. The girls called him spud and he didn't like it as said he wasn't a potato. I called him the boss as he always ruled the house, and thought what he wanted was the only way to go. But especially he loved my nickname of maiguy Adam as thru out life he was my guy...He loved me and all he knew with all the love he could give. He loved the puppies and whenever I had a litter, he would always count noses if I left with them and when I returned would do it again to be sure all his babies came back to him. He was the best in the world and I always felt safe with him near me as he would have defended me to his death had I been in danger.

In January of 1996, I moved from Hawaii to Waco, Tx. and Adam's health problems began then. I sent him ahead of me by one month to my daughter. He missed me and lost 6 pounds. After I got there,he had an incarcerated hernia and needed major surgery which took away the few pounds he had gained. Once we had our own home, he began to return to his old lively self, but the damage of the stress showed on his heart. In November of 97, his heart became enlarged and he was holding fluid. In spite of medical care, he continued to get worse. On January 30th, 1998, I cuddled him in his favorite blanket as I had when he was just 6 weeks old, and he slipped away to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him dearly but know he is happy and without pain, and once more with the one he loved so dearly. My husband, Joe on the bridge, and are waiting for me with Evie, Fair Molly MCQ, Thunder, little Adam, angels love,and all the Dobes and Bassets who I have lost. I believe in Angels and believe they are all angels now, and will fly to me whenever I need them. Farewell, My guy Adam,'til once more I hold you in my arms again. Give dad one of your nose smusches for me and romp with all the angels til I come. Love, your mom, Scottie Killebrew.


A Celebration at the Bridge

Dear Scottie....We are all knowing how you are feeling right is so hard for all of us to make that journey homeward bound with out the ones we adore on earth...but we know that it is only for awhile that we will be separated in the physical form, as we shall always be with you and in your heart, and by your side. God choose you to be my teacher while I was here on earth,to learn and do the job that God wanted me to do while I was here. He just lent me to you for a little time...and we all have to come back to him...our journey on earth was one of pure love..and we like you, needed to be born and give that Love that God has shared so with all of us...A time for us to be born and a time for us to make the transition back to our Creator....I can't tell you how much I loved being your dog...I loved Joe also very much..and want you to know that I didn't walk alone...Molly and Eve were right with me...I felt your arms around me and your love pouring from your heart to mine, and there was Eve and Molly looking at me...and Joe was holding out his arms to me...The Angels were Celebrating..dancing and singing. Rose petals falling everywhere...and the Master came and welcomed me with open arms..and said.....Well... Welcome home Adam..a job well done...there was so much light from his overwhelming love that it was dazzling...Molly was beside herself she have a smile....and Eve. Mom..she's as beautiful as ever....I am going to miss you as much as you are going to miss me...but I will never leave you alone. I will always be by you and when you are the saddest. I will be the closest...The greatest power in the universe is love. Recognize the truth of the vast spiritual reality that exists beyond this physical world...With your spiritual eyes and ears are open, you may behold the infinite beauty that awaits you and hear the celestial music that nourishes your soul...there is no death of the spiritual being,you truly are, only a change and a transformation, as you release your physical body..Death is a tremendous adventure - a gateway into a new life, in which you have further powers, deeper joys, and wonderful horizons. Love is forever..Death is but a transition from this life to another existence where there is no more pain and anguish..The only thing that lives forever is Love. You are just the same an immortal soul..A dog of Gods...When the earth shall claim your limbs..than shall you truly dance..We will all be waiting for you to come.....,Love are in our thoughts and prayers...Written by Adam ..and Molly MCQ..and her Mom..LADYS MCQ

Lighting a candle in memory

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