Deanie and Bill

Arthur Pendragon

This is Arthur Pendragon aka Deaner, Deanie Boy, Teeney-Weeney Van Deanie, Vanderdog and King Dean. He was my first BT. He found me in December of 1980, when he was 5wks old. He was my first Bully boy and I loved him dearly. He taught me everything I know about BT's. When he went to the Rainbow
Bridge in 1993, I was devastated, but, considerate, he left me with his son, Bill, who survived him by 2.5 years. He is loved and sadly missed by his mom and his (human) sisters, Alison and Mary-Margaret. I look forward to seeing you again, my Deanie. Love, Mom

Admiral Wm. "Bill" Halsey

The admiral was born at my house. His mother was unable to care for him and he was bottle-fed. He refused to go back with his litter and spent his infancy in my pocket. When he got too big for my pocket, he moved to a snuggi-carrier. Finally, at about 8 months old and after much protest, he agreed to follow me around using his own paws. He did not like to be parted from his (human) mom, even for short periods, so he attended many soccer games and dance rehearsals. He was a constant companion and comfort to me (especially after the passing of his dad, Deaner). After Bill went to join his dad at the bridge in 1995, I did not think I would ever want another dog but in 1999, a little white-faced girl came into my life. I know that my BIll is very happy that I have another little bully to keep me company and that someday we will all be together again. Goodbye for now, my Billy. I love you. Mom

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