American/Canadian Champion CIA’s Buttons’ O’What A Beauty

April 17, 1994 - May 1, 2006

Not too long ago, a little girl was born who brought love and joy into our house. She was a funny one with her floppy ears and winning ways. She was strong willed yet ever so loving. We would laugh for hours at her antics. There was nothing that bothered her. She loved to travel and play with her ball. Food was never a problem she ate anything as long as it was good for you. She finished American Championship in a heart beat. Then went on to get her Canadian Championship.

During this time she produced 3 lovely litters. And Boy, was she a good mother!! She taught her kids all their manners and they all became lovers like her.

Although, she seemed to be my velcro dog, whenever my grandson came to visit she left me for him. She was very close to him. When he would leave, she looked for days in his room and all over the house for him. God, how she adored him.

Christopher is now grown and she still was his bed pal when he was with us.

At her third litter, it seemed that a higher power than us decided that she should have only one in her last litter. That was Brandy. Lord, how much like her mother she is, but it was Beauty’s teaching that made her so. Beauty was like her name, all that and more.

Now that she is at the Rainbow Bridge, she is frolicking with her Mom and all the other Bostons that have gone on before her. I know she is waiting for us and will welcome us with kisses and leaps of joy.

Good bye my dearest, rest in God’s lap. Kisses to you always, Mommy and Dada

Photo by Anita
Portrait by Mia Lane

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