Puggy and Patti Anne

Aren't I Cute???


We welcome Patti Anne to the Allen household. She was one of Joy and Lucy's (LeJoyBost) babies.

Patti Anne Allen arrived into this world on October 19, 1997, at 7:45 PM. She weighed 6 1/4 oz. and was 4 1/4 inches long. Mom & Dad, (Bonnie & Pete) brought her home from LeJoy Bostons, Apalachin, NY (thank you so much, Lucy & Joy!!) on December 7, 1997.

Patti Anne is joined at home by big sister, Puggy Anne (BT) and brother Max (Chihuahua). She also has 3 kitty sisters, Samantha Lee, Tabitha Anne, and Sabrina Noelle.

Note: At 7 weeks, Patti Anne was crate trained *and* slept through the night. She is incredibly smart, and she has a very sweet disposition. I waited a very long time to find a puppy, but she was worth the wait. Because she is mismarked (half white head), was the reason I was able to get her. Everything else about her is perfect!

Lucy and Joy did a fantastic job with her... I am so lucky to have her!

Is she REAL, Mom?

Puggy checking out Patti Anne.

Puppy Kisses

Patti, giving Joy goodbye kisses.

Lucy and Patti

Lucy holding Patti Anne.


Puggy, sleeping on the deck.

This is MY bed!

Puggy, laying in the cats bed.

I love Dad

Pete, holding a very sleepy Puggy.

Photos by Sudser2

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