Brandy II

This is our beloved Brandy II. We had her for 8 "glorious" years. She spent the last 3 years of her life battling Discoid Lupus. She was a fighter to the end. We lost her to the disease on December 29, 1996.
We miss her deeply.

Love my balls!!

Brandy the spring before her disease finally took her home to the bridge.
This was taken during her last trip with us to Phoenix in February 1996. She loved to chase a ball!!

Brandy's Story

We brought Brandy II and her sister Corky home on January 1, 1991. No bigger than a minute, either one of them. We had never had baby BT's, only one full grown. What a treasure they were. So mischievious and roudy. They wanted to chew on everything. Brandy's favorite "trick" was to upset the waste paper baskets and chew up all the kleenix and papers in them. One of the two, or maybe both of them, dug a 3" diameter hole in two places in our new living room carpet. Boy did they get scolded !! Then looking into those big "brown cow eyes" I had to hold them and say it was okay. Next we had our antique couch shredded. And I mean shredded. Aggrevated, yes! Scolded again, yes!!! Held again, yes.

The girls grew so rapidly from puppyhood to adults. They loved to travel, always adventurous with mom and me. We never went anywhere without them. We (mainly me) spoiled them rotten. But they were such good girls for us.

On Valentines day, 1994, Brandy II got really sick. She passed quite a lot of blood through a bowel movement. She started to turn yellow inside her mouth and her white hair developed a yellowish tint to it. Emergency run to the vet. Blood drawn and shots given. Within two days we took her to Colo State University Vet School. She was there in intensive care for 21 days. I had consented to two complete blood transfusions before we were able to bring her home. She was placed on accelerated doses of Prednisone. After two years of Pred we started to wean her off of the heavy doses. She was doing great. We thanked God daily for her recovery. Then in 1996 our beloved Brandy started to develop bone problems. Prednisone will do that. She got to where she couldn't walk and we put her back on accelerated Pred. That lasted until Dec 29, 1996 when Bjae sat up and held her until 4 a.m. and then I held her until 8:30 a.m. We had to make the call to our vet. We cried, we prayed, we hugged and held both of our BT's. We had to leave Corky home for the trip to the vet. Once there and on the table, wrapped in her favorite afghan, she looked up at me with those big "ol brown cow eyes" and said "it's okay, I'm ready to go, I'm tired of hurting". We placed Brandy II's ashes next to Brandy I's in a memorial garden we have with a placard " BRANDY, SHE GAVE US HER LOVE" "We'll meet again, Brandy I and Brandy II. Corky, mom and I miss you and think of you each day"

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