My Best Friend,Bumper

This tribute is for my Boston Terrier, Bumper, who died on May 31, 1998

It has been two months since you passed away and left a big hole in our hearts. If I listen really close in the quiet of the night I can hear you snoring or hear the tippy-tap of those toenails that I could never get cut short enough (mainly because you used to run and hide when you would see me coming with the clippers and when I got hold of you, well let's just say we were lucky to clip the tips of the nails. ). When you lost a tooth I picked it up and put it in a little plastic bag to keep with the ones Sue and Rob lost when they were young. I guess I will always have a piece of you to hold close when I need it. I still miss you cuddling up to me at night, snoring and often with your little feet going a mile a minute in your sleep, dreaming no doubt, about catching the cats around here. Luckily that wasn't often, but your snoring was an ongoing thing and I would give anything to hear it right now. You thought I was sleeping all those nights after my surgery last summer when you would wake up in the night and come up to the head of the bed to check on me, makes sure I was OK before going back to your spot on the bed and asleep once again. Everyone always asked me why we called you Bumper, well you and I know it was because you used to bump into everything when you were three months old and when you hit your head on the table leg and then started crying, with real tears, I figured you just named yourself. Your picture sits above the computer as I type this and I hope you are watching me from the Rainbow Bridge. I know you will be waiting there for me wagging your itty bitty tail when you see me coming. Until then my best friend always know that I love and miss you very much as do the rest of the family.

Your human mom, Linda

July20, l985 - May 31, 1998

Photos by Linda

Lighting a candle in memory

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