Patti's Cat Family

Maus and Dweazel

Here are Maus and Dweasel, aka Mit and Dwee, laying around the house.
They were, and always will be our big boys, because Maus weighed 22 lbs, and Dee weighed in at 20.
We had them since they were 2 mos old. We love them very much!
Post Script: Dweazel went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 13, 1999 after suffering kidney failure and a spinal tumor,
and Maus joined him there Nov. 14th 2000. We miss them dearly.

Pixel and Biddy

Pixel aka "Dude" and Biddy Cat, here on the back of my sofa. Pixel was 9 when he died October 10, 1996.(See his memorial page.)
Biddy is also gone now. She died Sept.24, 2008, at the age of 22.
She was quite the mouser, and taught the "youngsters" the proper way of catching mice!
She always brought me her "presents", then getting upset when I dispose of them.


This is my littlest cat, Jeremy aka Jerapeeps. He was 14 years old
when he went to the Bridge. He was very spoiled! He got his nickname because he was always
walking around making peeping and trilling noises.
He gave "kisses" by leaning his head over and bumping you with his forehead. So sweet!

"Dad, what IS that stuff on your finger! EEWWW!!"

Tanglefoot, aka Teebies, giving David the "look" as Dave offers him peanut butter on the tip of his finger.
He died January 18, 1998, of lymphosarcoma.


Squeek,aka Beekies, sitting on the top of my arm chair,keeping out of everyones way.
She is now 14 years old, and she is still the cat that everyone picks on.

Nyota Jean

Nyota Jean, also know as "Baby Brat", joined the crew 16.5 years ago. She was my shadow, usually sitting near me when I was doing my computer work. She had to make sure that I was doing it right!
She died Sept. 9th, 2001, from heart problems. My heart is broken still. :(


Siobhan (Sha-von, She-ann) aka Peachies, sitting by the couch, wondering WHY I keep pointing that THING (the camera) at her. She was 13 1/2 years old when she went to the bridge, on November 30, 2002.

Rainbow Angels

In memory of the ones who were killed at Noah's Ark in Fairfield, Iowa on March 7th, 1997

Cat Vigil

Holding a vigil for the lost ones, that they will NOT be forgotten.

Safe Harbor
Whiskers Animal Benevolent League

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