CC Rider

Here is SammeP's boston,CC,dressed up in her leathers, ready to go biking with dad.

Samme and CC

Samme, holding CC. What a smile on her face!!

Samme and CC

Samme got CC from Judy Polser. She is a retired breeding female, and Samme thinks the world of her.

Samme and CC

What a pair of hams!!


CC at the Romulus, NY, dog show.

Samme and CC

Samme and CC, showing off her stuff at the Romulus, NY, Dog show. (Gee, dad, didn't I win?)

August 11, 2003:
Hello Friends ...
Today my beloved little buddy C.C. went to the Rainbow Bridge! She had severe respiratory distress, blindness in both eyes,
deafness & developed a mass in her belly. It was time to say goodbye! I couldn't bear seeing her cooped inside her crate all
day ... but she kept bumping into walls & falling down stairs.

C.C. was a retired breeder named Nancy before she came to live with me! I am grateful to Judie Polser for the many years I have had with my C.C. and I shall never forget your friendship and support!

If you get a moment throughout the day ... say a little prayer for me ... my heart aches... but C.C.'s suffering is now over!

God bless you ...
In His Grip,
Pastor Samme Palermo

Photos by SammeP

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