Corky's Story

It all started Jan 1, 1990. We had just lost our first Boston Terrier to pneumonia and had decided to try a few years without a pet. That lasted for one week. I came home from shooting pool at our Senior Center and Betty met me at the door with a newspaper add that had "Boston Terrier" for sale. With her determined look I knew I had better not argue with her and off we went to our appointment she had made. Once there, three beautiful babies came bouncing into the room with their mother following behind. One with a "corkscrew" tail jumped right on my lap and one with a "straight" tail jumped on Betty's lap. Those babies covered every square inch of our faced with "Boston" kisses. After a gazillion wiggles and bounces, the lady asked us which one we had decided on and Betty said, "we'll take these two." The "corkscrew" we named Corky and the "straight" tail, Brandi.

That was the start of an animal relationship that will never be matched again by neither of us.

After Brandi's death, due to Discoid Lupus, Corky went into a very deep depression. She would wander the yard and wander throughout our home looking for her sister. It probably took 3 or 4 months before Corky started coming out of her depression. Once she did, she was my constant companion. No matter where I went, she was there with me. She loved to help cut the grass. We have an acre and the majority of it is in grass. I use a John Deere, 42 inch cutting capacity to cut the grass. Corky would run along the opposite side of the exhaust on the motor throughout the whole time it took me to cut the grass. I would load the clippings in my pickup and "we" would haul it to our recycle yard. My pickups have always been with an extended cab with a special bed for our Boston's that ran across the whole back seat. Corky loved to "work."

We traveled a lot during the summer and fall and Corky always went with us. She was never left in a Kennel or left at home on an extended trip. If Corky couldn't go with us, we didn't go.

Corky loved her yard. She would spend an hour or so each day exploring the different smells made by deer and elk or raccoons or even this past year, a wild turkey hen that has come in each day for sunflower seeds and bird seed.

Corky always slept between Betty and I and hugged against my back. She did this for around 12 years. Then one night she came exploding out from under the covers and jumped off of our king size bed and went into our living room to our oversized couch where her "day" bed was and never returned to our bed. We never did figure out why.

Corky hated a leash. She would baulk when her harness was put on when we traveled. So, against Betty's constant advice of putting her harness on, I would carry her to the pet walking area and let her run and do her "job." She could look at me with those big ol round eyes of hers and I would melt.

The last 4 years of her life, Betty cooked chicken legs and thighs for Corky. She would get either two legs or two thighs cut up into small pieces for easier chewing along with cooked corn or carrots and green beans and cooked rice. It had to be warm so we put her dish in the microwave and heated her supper for 20 seconds. I had made elevated boxes (8 inches high) for her food and water dish to be on as she got to where her hind legs would give out and she would start to fall over. The last 4 months we would have to hold onto her to support her while she ate.

Corky would become disorientated and at times wind up in a corner and not be able to get out. We would get her and point her and off she would go. She had lost all her hearing and most of her eyesight. But she was still a "getter."

Corky lived to be seventeen years and seven months old. We had our very dear veterinarian come to our home for Corky. She hated the Vet's clinic. I held her as Stephanie, her Vet, administered a shot that allowed Corky to just fall asleep but still left her alive. I continued to hold her as both Betty and I told her how much we loved her. We had a very hard time as Stephanie administered the final shot. We had her cremated and she will join her sister and our first Boston in a very special memorial place in our West yard where all there is to the West is beautiful mountains.

Betty and I will not be getting any more Boston's. Our home is very empty right now and we are vulnerable to getting a replacement. But then, there can never be a replacement to "Our Beloved Corky."

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