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All photos by Kathy

Daphne's Story

Daphne came into my life one day when my son and I were driving home from the mall, and he said "Mom, can we stop bad pet the puppies?" when we were about to drive past the pet shop where we had bought our 7 month old Pug "Vinny." And me, like a sucker, said "Sure!" So we stopped in, took a quick scan for Pugs (there weren't any) but on the bottom level of the puppy runs, there was this tiny little black body with a huge white head! I knew she was a Boston right away, one of the breeds I was considering when we got our Pug. We crouched down to take a close look, and she was about as adorable as she could be! They took her out of her run, and she ran around the shop and chewed on my son's shoe laces and jeans, and we were in love! I had always had a dog as a kid, until I was an adult, but only one dog at a time. I never even considered having more than one dog. But Daphne was so cute, I asked the price and said we would take her. She was 2 1/2 months old at the time. She will turn 5 years old on July 20. Vinny took to her right off, and was thrilled to death when we brought her home. They were best buddies right from the start. These days and since she attained her adulthood, she lets off what my son calls "Boston Butt Bombs" which I have since learned is kind of a BT specialty. She is very protective, she's my yard guard, and is a tough little girl. She adores my son Dylan, and when he lays on the floor she jumps all over his head and kisses like crazy. Daphne is a kissing wizard. She has an 8 foot tounge and deadly aim. She will hit the roof of your mouth even when you're trying to avoid the experience. She does not like female dogs as a rule, especially those that are larger than she is, but she's very fond of my friend's tiny white teacup Poodle named Chloe. Daphne is spayed, and although she would have had adorable puppies, the shelters are full enough, and my goal was to have a companion not a puppy machine. I have several books now on BTs and from what I have seen in the pictures they show, Daphne is a very good example of a BT, she has a good head and near perfect ears, her size is good too, her only drawback in her color, she has too much white on her head, but I love that because it gives her a little extra personality. At the pet shop they told me they used to call her "Princess" because of that black dot on her head. I already knew if I ever got a female dog I would name her Daphne, so I had the name before I had the dog, but with that black dot on her head, maybe "Indeara" would have been a good name. When she was living with us less than a month, she has to go spend the night at the vets to have her nostrels enlarged. They were just little slits, and when she would breathe in, they would close like the blow hole on a dolphin, and she would blow bubbles and sputter. But she came home with stitches in her nose and nice round nostrels, and no further problems in that department. After that nose job, I felt I should have named her "LaToya" but it was too late. In October of 1996 she had surgery on her right hind knee for luxating patella, which she has in both hind knees but the vet thought if we repaired one it might take the stress and strain off of the other one and we wouldn't have to do a second surgery. She spent 2 months in a cage after her surgery, because she's such a live wire she would have messed up the procedure if she'd been allowed to run around free. I came home every day on my lunch hour from work and took her outside to go potty and to lie awhile in the sun, which she loves to do, and she healed up just fine. Once in awhile she will take a few limping steps on the unrepaired hind knee, (very rarely), but she's on a powder that I add to her food to help keep her joints lubricated, and I don't plan to do the second surgery. It would be too tough on her, not to mention the high cost, and I think we're going to do alright with things as they are. She can run like the wind, and doesn't seem to ever be in any pain, so I think she's fine. When she was a year old I put her into an obedience class sponsored by the parks and recreation department in my town, and there were about 20 dogs, and at the end of the 10 week class, we had a graduation where a judge came who had never seen any of us before, and put us through our paces one at a time, and awarded points. I was thrilled to death when Daphne did real well, and then about fainted when we came out on top and got the trophy! She got 289 points out of 300. Not bad! She's my only girl, I now have 4 male Pugs, and she rules the place with a velvet glove. She's truly the queen of the hive, and at times shows me exactly why female dogs are called "bitches." I love her to death, and although she's not a cuddly type dog, she doesn't like to be picked up, held or carried around, she prefers to come to you, jump on you, get in your lap, lick you a bit, then dash off. Daphne is her own woman. In the evenings when I am watching TV covered by snoring Pugs on the couch, Daphne will usually be sleeping on my bed, or out in the backyard on guard for prowling cats. I have a doggy door and a fenced backyard, and she hits that dog door at a full gallop at the slightest little noise, and is out to defend our little world. While I don't think she would ever bite anyone or anything, she is, as I said earlier, my yard guard and certainly lets me know when anything is going on outside. She's a good eater, I feed Iams low cal dry dog food with a scoop of canned on top, she loves fuzzy toys even after Vinny has chewed the squeeker into silence. She likes to play tug-a-war, Vinny will have the toy in his mouth, and she will drag him across the floor while he lays on his back, feet in the air. She is a special little girl, and although she is my first BT, I am sure that when Daphne has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, while she waits there for me, I will bring another BT into the house until we can all be together again. She's my girl, and I love her.

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