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Born 1/1/93 in Missouri. He is our first Boston. Bought him at a pet store in Waco mall when he was 3 months old. Very energetic and we could not pet him for almost 2 years. He had two speeds: off/on Very playful still. He loves water. He dives under water 4' to retrieve his toy that is on the bottom of the pool. He can manuver a basketball all around the yard like it was a soccer ball and take it where ever he wants. Would make a good soccer player.


Born 1/22/94 in Missouri. (different kennel than Boscoe) We also got her at the Waco mall pet store. She was 4 months old when we got her. She is very timid around other people. In this picture, it hasn't been long since her surgery. She is a wonderful moma dog. She has had 5 litters of pups. Always does well, no C-sections. Very playful. Likes to get in a small tub of water but won't jump in the pool although she will let us put her in the pool so she can swim. She is the head dog in our house. No one gets in the food bowl when she's there or they will get reprimanded.

Mr. B

A friend of Greg's brother Charlie, found Mr. B and another male litter mate (we think) out in the middle of nowhere last December (96). He called us to see if we wanted to come look at them. They were found around Lufkin,Tx. I told Greg before I left, "You know I'm going to bring them home don't you?" and he said, "yeah, I know". While I was in Lufkin I called all of the vet clinics and the animal control shelter and inquired of them if they had any reports of the missing dogs. No one had been reported them missing. I left my name and phone number with all of them in case someone did try to find them. I kept the dogs for 3 weeks before I started looking for a new home. Both the dogs were neutered. We took them to the vet and had them checked over and got their shots and heartworm tests. They seemed to be in pretty good shape. The first day we had them, we were looking them over and noticed something shiny on one of their back legs. Upon closer examination we saw that it was a BB. It had come to the surface and we popped it right out. Thus, Mr. B got his name. We named the other one Mr. Peabody. He went to live with a young boy out by the lake. We decided to keep Mr.B and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is quite funny at times. He has 3 speeds when he's playing. 1st gear: casual fast walk; 2nd gear: super fast run; 3rd gear: warp speed, jumps in the air and zig-zags like a jack rabbit. He is a very fast runner. He has a scar on his back from a previous injury. It must have been a pretty deep and large wound because he has a bald spot there now. He loves to snuggle and he's very warm. Very nice to have him lying next to me in the winter. He doesn't care much for swimming but does well when getting a bath.


This is Daisy. She is mismarked, but still adorable.

Photos by Camel800

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