DOB - Oct 9, 1993

Resided in Brandon. His humans were Jackie and Judy.
His favorite toys were his purple alligator and his pink dragon.
He only ate Pedigree Dogfood, and it had to come out shaped like the can!
His best friend was Max the dachshund across the street.
He died on Feb. 4, 1999. We will miss him sadly.

Elvis's Story

We named him Elvis because his top lip would hang on his lower tooth and he had that classic Elvis sneer and because when he got excited his little tail would shimmy like Elvis. He loved to go anytime anywhere. His worst fear was the BATH! He could hear water running in the tub and he would run out his doggy door 90 to nothing. It got to where we had to spell it and even then he would look at us funny. Elvis was a great nurse, when I had an operation or was sick he was always by my side never once did he leave me. One of his favorite treats was steak. When I would barbque he would stay with the grill (just to make sure none of the meat fell out) and when it was ready he stayed by me knowing I would give him nibbles! He always waited patiently and never begged. He would look at me if I was not looking at him but when I turned to him he would turn away as if to say "I wasn't looking at you" it would continue like that all through dinner. It was so funny. Elvis had a funny way of sleeping in the winter he would get in front of the gas heater and flip over on his back and his little stomach would turn red, but you always knew he was content because that is when he would start the SNORE! He was worse than Jackie. Our family will miss his antics and he may be replaced but he will never be forgotten!

Elvis and his special grin!

Photo by Jackie and Judy

Lighting a candle in memory

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