Emmy, Jiggs and Maggie

Here is Emmy, front left, with her brother, Jiggs, right, and big sister Maggie.


TJs Miss Emily Dickens ("Emmy")
June 13, 1996 - June 10, 1997

Terri and Bob Anderson are mourning the death of their beloved little Boston Terrier, Emmy, who died at noon on June 10, 1997 after a valiant two-month battle with mounting medical problems. Emmy would have been a year old on June 13. Nicknamed "The Stretch Limo" and "Long Tall Sally" because of her long body and high-stationed legs, this little dog was a constant source of joy and laughter. Her sassy, loving, comical personality and her incredible athletic prowess provided her entire family with hours of nonstop entertainment. The Anderson home will feel very empty and quiet without her. Emmy is greatly missed by her heartbroken Mom and Dad, big sister, Maggie Mae, her littermate, Jiggs, but most of all by her little brother and best buddy in the entire world, Timmy.

Poem for Emmy from Harleyskop

Have you a Dog in heaven, Lord ?
And do you pat its head ?
Does she sit up and beg each night
Before she goes to bed ?

Does she look up with shining eyes
When she sees Your smiling face ?
Does she wag her stubby tail
When she wants to run and race?

Have you a dog in heaven, Lord ?
Is there room for just one more ?
'Cause my little dog died today;
She'll be waiting at your door

Please take her into heaven, Lord,
And keep her there for me
Just feed her, pet her, love her lord
Thats all I'll ask of Thee

Lighting a candle in memory

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