We got Gracie for a companion and future wife for our 1 yr old Boston, Piglet. Piglet took very good care of Gracie and loved her dearly. We all loved her dearly. There was always just something extra-special about Gracie. Gracie got parvo and lived for one week. She was put to sleep in her loving Mommy's arms where she always felt the most safe and happy. Her little body was just too weak and Mommy and Daddy couldn't let her suffer anymore. We will miss Gracie everyday forever and she will never be forgotten. Gracie is now not an Angel on earth, but an angel watching over her loving family in heaven.

She lived happily and loved August 18, 1999 to December 17, 1999.

We love and miss you Gracie.

Todd, Jenny, and Piglet McLamb

Photo by Todd and Jenny

Lighting a candle in memory

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Last updated December 25th, 1999