Honey Doll

Honey and babies

Alohaisle Swe-Thon Honey Doll
" Dolly "
4-14-88 to 10-28-95

This is Alohaisle Swe-Thon Honey Doll, also known as Dolly, with her babies,
Angelika and Thunder.

Honey Doll adopted us when she was just under 2 years old.. She came to us to be a wife to Adam, and after she weaned Thunder and Angelica, she returned to her breeder. My husbnd and I missed that tiny and sweet little girl after taking her into our hearts for the 6 months she lived with us.. When I would visit her, she always wanted to go home with me.. Finally when she was about 3 years old, we convinced her breeder to let her come home with us for good.. She was oh, so happy when she came back home. and loved being with us and her boston family at our house....She ran to her favorite afgan and snuggled up in it and said ..Ah, i am home again!.... She was always Joe's little girl and after he went to the Rainbow Bridge on 18 August, 93, I later adopted her out to a teacher on Molokai... Dolly came into contact with insecticide there, and developed cirrhosis of the liver.. She came back to me to be close to medical care..We fought the liver disease for a year, but on 10-28-95, we let her join her beloved Daddy Joe on the Bridge...

I love and miss you, Dolly, and am sorry that I let you go where you got so sick..We just don't know what will happen when we do something but you were loved very much by Kathy and helped her in missing her 2 girls on the mainland...i know that you are much loved on the bridge ..am sure that Daddy Joe loves having you in his lap, and bet you have a ball with Evie , Molly, and Thunder as you all cavort about on the bridge... Chased any Heavenly cats lately?....I know that you love all the puppies as you always loved them here.. Remember how sad Jade was when she couldn't find you? Had to show her that you were just downstairs nursing your puppies.. She felt so much better after seeing you...Just be happy there on the bridge, Dolly, till I can join all of you on the bridge, and we can link hands and paws and walk through those Heavenly Gates together...

Written for Honey Dolly by her beloved Mom...Scottie Killebrew..

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