Jasper and Buster

What did you say?

The boys, sitting on their pad. Notice the toys in front of them!!

Spelling lesson

Jasper tilting his head as we spell R I D E to him. Just making sure he hears it right!!

Bored Stiff

Here are Jasper and Buster looking VERY bored. They were sitting on their pad, waiting for stuff to happen.


Here is Jasper begging Dave to throw the tennis ball for him.

Ride? Did somebody say, RIDE??

Here is Buster doing one of his favorite things, riding in the car.

Let's GO!

Buster and Jasper,in Dave's truck. They climbed in while we were doing some maintenance on it, and they refused to get out. We had to take them for a ride before they would get out. Spoiled? NAH!

Sadly, both are gone now. Buster died in 2001, and Jasper died in 2006. We miss them very much.
Links to their memorial pages are below.

Dave and Patti

Here is a picture of our mom and dad, taken in October of 1996.

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