Jeremy relaxing.


July 1989 to November 26, 2004

Jeremy aka the Jerapeeps

Jeremy's Tale

Jeremy was found at the age of about 2 1/2 months by Bob, a (former) friend of ours. He brought Jeremy in to his house to be a companion for his older cat. But, the cat did not like him, so he was put back outside on the porch with a bed box and food. Bob told me about him, and when I asked him where Jeremy was at that time, he said he didn't know. So, my hubby, Dave and I went looking for him. It was a very cold night for late October, and we were not at all happy that Jeremy was put out in that weather. We found him several houses away, grabbed him up and brought him home.

We made up a bed in our large crate, complete with a small litter box and dry food. We placed it in front of our kerosene heater and covered it with a blanket to help keep the heat it. He was so cold! He ate like no tomorrow, purring all the time. Our other cats were not impressed, but accepted him into their clowder with minimal fuss.

Jere and Pixel were best of buddies, and we would often find them curled up together. They would play 'chuff' - ears back, paws out, chuffing noises coming from both of them. They then would grab each other and wrestle to the ground, acting like they were going to beat the snuff out of each other. We never found a scratch on either of them. After Pixel died, Jere was depressed and down hearted for the longest time.

Jeremy in a box.

In late November we noticed that Jere wasn't eating as well, and was getting thinner. The vet said it was his kidneys, and that there wasn't much we could do for him, so we took him home. Friday, November 26 was the day after Thanksgiving, and Jere was fading fast. I had to work that day, but David didn't, so he stayed beside him. At about 10:30 am David called me at work to let me know that he had gone.

I miss him, with his little spikey tail and soft kitty pats on the arm - pay attention to me, Mom! But I know he is at the Bridge playing with Pixel, Maus, Dweazel, Tanglefoot,Nyota, Siobhan, Ishtar, Brianna and all of the rest of my Bridge babies. I will see them all again.

A candle to light the way
Lighting a candle in memory

Going through the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

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