Our little Jingles had to be put to sleep on 7/8/97 due to a severe bowel stricture that was inoperable.
She was only 7 years old, and very tiny
Photo by Suzette37

Jingles was like a little human trapped in a dogs body. Her personality was unbelievable. She would follow her human mom where ever mom went and wait patiently for mom, because of this, Dad called her mom's little lamb. When Mom left Dad and Jingles alone, Dad would relay how Jingles would sit by the door waiting for mom to return. Mom couldn't even put a bag of groceries down without Jingles wanting to greet her and be greeted by her.

The only time Jingles would bark is when she thought she deserved a treat. We had to spell the word "T-r-e-a-t" or else she wouldn't stop jumping up and down and barking for us to get it for her NOW! Sometimes she was a little stinker and would sneakily look to see if Mom or Dad was watching her before trying to dash off through the woods to visit her neighbors. She even succeeded a couple of times and the neighbors kept her in their house for a couple of hours because they liked her so much! Jingles enjoyed playing musical beds at night with our four children, but always ended up sleeping with Mom by morning. She would lick any stranger to death and hide behind mom when she sensed danger. When she was sassy, she knew it, she would tuck her little butt in and hang her head down and look oh so sorry.

Winter hits hard in Wisconsin, Jingles had to have a special "poop coupe" made by dad, that she used to do her duty. She had to have heat lamps on before she could go out the door and walk 2 whole feet to the coupe before her little paws would freeze.

With four children in our home Jingles never lacked for someone to love her up. She loved being cuddled by her 2 oldest human brothers, and her youngest human brother would cry because he didn't get to hold Jingles yet. She didn't like being dressed up in doll clothes and pushed in a baby buggy by her human sister, (but she tolerated the ministrations of a 4-5 year old very well at the time, how ever the family could tell she was happy when that sister grew up a little more and quit doing it. Her favorite game of all was tug of war with her rag bone. She absolutely loved having her back scratched and many times would stretch out on her back to show us she wanted it scratched even more.

Jingles was always there for us. It was a very sad day indeed when dad brought her limp body home from the vet. Dad and our youngest boy dug a grave for her on our wooded lot where she liked to romp. With tears in our eyes and heavy hearts the three youngest children helped mom and dad cover her with handfuls of sand. We put flowers on her grave and a stone which will be engraved. Prayers of grieving as well as thankfulness were said to the Lord for allowing us to have shared in the life of such a wonderful being. Although no one can say for certain what happens to pets when they leave us, Our family only hopes and prays that Jingles will be in heaven waiting for us, and can communicate with us in a real language when we get there as well.

Sadly missed by Pete and Sue, Jason (17), Adam (13), Peter Allen (9) and Jacqueline (7)

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