4/2/91 to 04/08/02


The sadness that I'm carrying in my heart for the loss of my John is just about too much for me to handle. This precious Boston taught us about love and happiness, no matter the situation. And the love we all had for John well lets just say he knew it and it was returned 10 fold. He was 11 when he passed on to Rainbow Bridge and we laid him to rest outside my window, because I knew he would want to be close to home. His love and companionship helped me thru many years of illness. He was ever present at my side, his sister called him my “Velcro Dog’. But now that space is empty as is my heart. But I want to thank God for letting us have these wonderful happy years with John and to thank him for the wonderful lessons of life he taught out family. Undying love, kindness, compassion, trust, I believe this is why John was sent to us.

John was not much to bark except when his brother would go to leave and pick up his car keys then he was off to beat him to the door, telling him to just stay a while longer. And every night at 9:00 he would follow his dad down the hall to bed, that would be about the only time he would leave me, sometimes he would get dad to sleep and then sneak out and come sit with me and watch TV. I would not have given anything for the precious memories I have of him and the wonderful times we all shared as family. Their were 5 of us now just 4, and out lives are for the better for having known John. He is our little angel and knowing we will see him again helps get us thru these days. This is our tribute to you, John and our love will endure forever.

Photo by Pat

Lighting a candle in memory

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