This weekend, 10/11/97, was the last show ever for Polser's Satin Doll Del Rio. She went in and out of the ring unnoticed. As she was unnoticed this evening and accidently ran over and killed by my husband, Ted. He just kept repeating, I just didn't see that little girl at all. Then he buried her beside his one and only favorite, Kate. His last hunting companion. It was all my fault. As I had let Dolly, Rudy and Chelsea all out to play and accompany me to visit the other dogs at the kennel. I was not thinking about Ted driving up any minute and of course Ted was not thinking about Doll being out or in danger. Life here on the mini ranch will never again be the safe free place it use to be for all of our Bostons. For those of you who knew Dolly, knew how much she hated going to shows and being away from home. I think the only thing she loved more than running and playing in the open fields was being very close to me. I will miss her so much.

Photo by Judie Polser

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