My old boy died last May 6th. I can't seem to get truly past his death. Keno was 15 when he died and was THE most wonderful friend I have ever had. He was very ill towards the end of his life but he was still a happy dog despite it. He grew up for two years with a woman who showed him until her M.S. got to be too much for her. My parents Evelyn and Bert, and I were lucky enough to have him with us for his remaining 13 years. He loved to be close to us and to lay with us (to get our body heat....a true boston trait!). He loved to travel with my parents to the states for regular holidays in air conditioned comfort of their motorhome. He would be the first to jump into the car for car rides...with his doggie seat belt of course!

Photos by Vicki Hepinstall

Lighting a candle in memory

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Last updated June 17, 1998.