Libby Lee
rainbow line

Libby Lee

August 28, 1996--February 18, 2002
Best friend
Faithful companion
Champion face licker
Avid squirrel chaser

Libby Lee came to live with me during my first year of medical school. I wanted a dog so badly to keep me company and chose her out of a litter when she was only 4 weeks old, actually I think she chose me as she growled at her litter mates and ran to greet me. Libby was a great companion, easy to train, and made friends easily. She loved playing with all of the neighbors' dogs, no matter what their size. Her favorite friends were an Akita and a Rottweiler. Her favorite things included going in the car anywhere, doing tricks for cookies, and playing with any dog or cat that she could find. She was very intelligent and knew many words including "bath" "go" "car" "squirrel" "cookie" "dog" and many others. She loved to travel on vacations with me and was always the perfect companion in the car, although sometimes she would bark at someone she did not like the looks of when we were at a stoplight. She so rarely did anything that required scolding! One of her best known quirks was greeting everyone with a wet kiss right in the mouth, usually when they were least expecting it. Kerbey, another female Boston, recently joined us and they were constantly playing tug of war, toys, or chase.

Libby was my best friend and companion throughout my years of medical school, internship, part of residency, as well as through a divorce. I do not think I could have been as successful through all these trials without her.

Libby was killed on February 18th when attempting to cross the street to greet a playmate.
We will love, miss, and remember her always.

Mommy and Kerbey

Photos by Hillary

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