Little Adam

Little Adam

Little Adam and Eve

Eve and Little Adam

Jomakai's Stormin' Norman
1-28-91 to 7-28-91
" Little Adam "

Little Adam's parents were Adam and Evie. When he left for the Rainbow Bridge, he left behind his sisters, Sunny , Moriah, and Tess, and his brother Jobe..His friend Honey Doll joined him on 10-28-95, and his half brother, Thunder, joined him on the Bridge on 5-01-96. .I am sure that Evie was happy to give him kisses and lick him all over when she joined him and daddy Joe on the bridge on 7-10-97. ( Daddy Joe who loves and cares for all of the Boston Angels Went to the Bridge on August 18, 1993. )...Momm misses and loves all of them very much!!!

He lived a very brief but love filled life here on earth, and was such a sweet and loving little guy.. He and sister Sunny developed encephalitis at age 8 weeks, and although they survived the disease, he could not recover from the nerve damage from the illness. I tried for 6 months to help him regain his strength and be able to enjoy life... His sister stayed close to him and since it was hard for him to move or eat, she didn't either and chose to snuggle next to him.. It was heart breaking on the day that my vet said that he just couldn't survive and that she wouldn't go ahead as long as she clung to him..So on that fateful day, i held the two in my arms as Little Adam fell asleep in mine and the Lord's arms...

Little Adam... My heart broke on the day that you left me, but your little sister snuggled close and helped to absorb the pain..Today Sunny is fine and the happy little girl of Dr. Amy's Mom and has two Dobe sister's who are kept on their toes by your little 10 pound sister..Since you left me, my heart has been broken again many times as you were joined by daddy Joe, Honey Dolly, Thunder, Molly, and your mother who was my favorite girl, Evie Do....So, Little Adam, I hope you are happy there on the Rainbow bridge, and playing with all of the other little boston angels who are with you.. Snuggle in your Daddy Joe's arms when you are sleepy, and give him some slurpy boston kisses.. Tell everyone that i miss them here, and one day, I will join you on the Bridge and we can all go thru those lovely gates together...

Written for Little Adam by his loving mom, Scottie Killebrew

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