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Megan,posing in front of Molly's picture.

Can I help?

Megan, helping to decorate the tree.

Megan's First Christmas

Megan, in front of the stockings. You put them up where I can't get them! No fair, MOM!

What's in here?

Oh, Wow! Is all this stuff MINE?

Megan and Molly

Another pix of Megan in front of Molly's picture. Boy, that flash was bright, Mom!

Megan's Story

Molly was born In Alton, Missouri..Her breeder is Shirley Coin...Shirley had quite a few dogs of the MCQ Bloodline..Her main sire was Big Mack Mcq..who was a handsome big wonderful Boston that had been bred by Mr Mcquerry...Shirley bred big Maes Daisey Fair..which was Molly's mother..Shirley sold that litter of pups to individual people not knowing one of them was a broker..and that person took Molly at 8 weeks and sold her to someone else, who sold her,to a pet shop in Missoula..and at 9 weeks of age she had been passed to 4 differant sets of hands and a plane trip to Montana...I went into the pet shop to just look..and saw Molly in a cage..and went over and looked at her..watched her for awhile..and thought she was cute...but walked out without her..and went home..I thought about her once while I was home..and wondering if she was still there..two weeks later I went to Missoula to go to the fair..and thought I would stop and see if she was still there..and was very surprised that she was...she was very excited to see me..and the gal asked me if I wanted to see her out of the cage..and I said I guess so...and she let her out..and to make a long story short I bought her and took her home..I looked on her papers and saw the breeders name and found her telephone number and called her to tell her that her puppy had gotten a good home and how disturbed I was that she had passed through so many peoples hands at such a young age...and she was very surprised to have found out where she ended up...I sent her pictures of Molly..and we kept contact...and then I didn't hear from her for a long time..and called her to see if she had any more puppies as wanted to have some of Molly's relatives..Well Shirley said she was sick and had to get rid of all her dogs..and didn't know where to many of them were...Shirley had three Anuryisms in her brain..and had been very ill, unconcious for three months...and it didn't look good for her...Shirley couldn't remember didn't push it...I did some research on my own..and found out that Big Mack had gotten in the hands of a man that had a puppy mill, and he put Big Mack in a pen with two females in heat and they killed him..No one seems to know the fate of Maes Daisey Fair..but one daughter thought that she may have been killed by a pig...this man would not sell any of the MCQ daughters..and ended up killing a man and went off to prison..and the dogs were sold at a public auction for 30 and 40 dollars..and they had red mange and were in bad was a dead end..I put many ads in the paper..looking for relatives..when I came across a lady in Arkansas..that had the Mcq bloodline...much time had passed and Molly was ill..and I decided to call Shirley again..and she was a different person..had a complete recovery...and was Jonny on the spot and remembered who else she sold dogs to..and this lady in Arkansas had Big Mack Mcq daughters..and she was very helpful....and during the search I lost Molly..and there was no longer any desire to find another dog...Shirley had kept very close contact with me all through Molly's illness..and after I lost her..and she was very upset about Molly and me...she wrote and called continuously....she had a pretty MCQ male puppy and said the dog looked like Molly and I said no Thank you Shirley..not interested..and little did I know that for 16 months she looked for the perfect female boston of the Mcq bloodline to use her MCQ Male for a litter of puppys..she found a Big Mack Daughter..and said she looked a lot like him..and the dog had puppies..and she was really disappointed as there was not a female there that she liked..but a beautiful male that looked like Big she would call me and tell me about things..and I would just say that's nice Shirley..not knowing that she had a burning desire to try and breed something as close as she could to Molly....than one day she called and said she had found the perfect female..she was built exactly like Molly's mother..and had the bloodline and comformation that was of her parents..but the lady wanted too much money for the dog..and she was traveling all over Arkansas looking unbeknown to me...well she was desperate and went back home to think about how she would get that dog..when the lady called her and told her she would sell her the dog cheaper as she was a little bit more hyper than she Shirley called me and told me about the dog....and I said well go and get her..if that is what you are looking for..and Shirley knew her bloodlines..especially the MCQ Lines..and she she brought her home..and told me how nice she was...and her body was perfect..and was the type of Boston that she and I liked...she had another female bred that had puppies and when she whelped..she was disappointed again..she said..nothing there that was the puppy..15 months had gone by since Molly had gone to the bridge...She bred her MCQ male...and we talked during the pregnancy..and she said do you think you would like to have another puppy..and I said no...I don't want another dog...I just can't get over Molly..and she said not at all..and I said I had a lot of chances with having another Boston..several people had offered me pups...but I wanted nothing to do with them...Shirley told her Husband and Sister that she was going to breed me another puppy,,and Molly was going to help...and she said she was starting to believe as I.. that Molly had some heavenly ties..and some her life hadn't been right since this all came about..and she suddenly got well and was able to remember everything..she still suffered seizures but it was being controlled by medication..and she was o.k..Taffy was finally bred and awaiting puppies...I still did not know what Shirley was planning..and she was desperately searching for that pup to be born...on Sept 7th..Taffy had 5 puppies..and again Shirley was disappointed..she looked at the pups and said the puppy that she wanted was not there...she went to bed..and the next morning when she got up..Sept 8th..Taffy had had two more puppys..and she almost fainted she had a female that was marked identical to Molly..she didn't call me..or say anything..but watched her grow..and than she called me and said..that Taffys puppys had arrived and they were beautiful..and she was going to send me some pictures..and for me to look at them and tell her what I think..and I said,why Shirley? She said well just look at the puppy Judy...and again tell me what you think of she sent the pictures..and i got them and looked.she was only five weeks old..and when i saw was just a Boston me..looked like a nice puppy..full collar and blaze down her face..I called Shirley and told her nice puppy..and was she going to sell all of them...and a few more weeks went by..and she talked with her husband and said "I know that this puppy is for Judy..God put this puppy here..she was born in the same whelping box as Molly..and there is something about her..that I can't let her go." So she held her back everytime anyone came and looked at the puppies...and she said everyone that came wanted she started taking her totally out and away, and her husband said "Well how are you going to get her to take it?" and Shirley said I don't know, but it has to go to Judy...and started telling everyone that this puppy was going to Montana..she called me again about the puppy..and she said .you have to see her...and you need to take the puppy..and I said Shirley..I don't want another puppy...and she said well let me send her to you..and if you don't like her..than you can do whatever you want with her....I couldn't hurt her feelings after all she had been through and what she was doing..but felt so sad inside as really wasn't looking forward to receiving her...well the weather started turning..and when she got ready to ship the puppy they told her she probably wouldn't be able to it was to cold and the animals could not travel..and there was an embargo in Montana..because it was too was 40 degrees here and getting colder...She called me and told me of the trouble..and I told her that was o.k. it isn't meant to be...and she said well the guy told her to call him on Sunday Morning..and check the see if they could ship..before they went all the way to Memphis...When she called.they told her to bring the pup..IT WAS 60 DEGREES!!! which was vey she did and put her on the plane....she told me what plane and what flight...I was to pick her up at 4:30pm..and I wasn't looking forward to it..she was only 8 weeks..and a puppy and I didn't want to have to housebreak her..and she would cry...and I wasn't excited...and I was afraid I could not love her....I talked with Molly all day about it...well it was time to go to the airport....and when I got there she had already arrived...I saw the crate when I walked in..and wouldn't even look in it..went to the counter..and got the papers..and signed was a little decided to take a peek before I picked her up..and got down on my knees and looked in..she was sitting up and looked me square in the eye..and I almost got faint..and weak in the knees..I got this hard knot in my stomach..for she looked just like Molly sitting there looking at me..never taking her eyes away from mine..and not moving..we both stared at each other...and I got up throughly unnerved and walked in a circle..and than walked over and she came up and whined at me..and I picked her up , put her in my coat jacket..and she just snuggled..and I did not look her in the face again..all the way home..I was afraid to look...she stayed in my coat...and laid very Molly did her first ride home...When I got in the house...I thought this will be a test..I need to check out her tail..and see what that looks Molly had the bent tail..that stuck up..I turned her bottoms up..and there it was..identical Molly tail..than I turned her around and looked her in the face..and just couldn't believe my I thought I was looking into Molly's face ..when I put her down..she acted like she had lived here all her life..and made herself right at home to all the toys and the bean bags and quilts..found the food and water right away....and Shirley had put a little Gold collar with white stones in it on her.....I sat in awe as I watched her play and act with was almost as if Shirley had cloned Molly....I got out Molly's baby pictures..and compared..and it looked like the same little girl..that I brought home 9 years ago...She has the same saucey attitude...plays and talks like her...and at times I look at her..and wonder who is her teacher..and than I realize that it was all in God's plan....she was sent by God to Molly was sent to me by God..she is a Molly was a gift..and God and Molly used Shirley all over again..and made a divine plan..for a little Black and White Female Boston Terrier to be born in the same the same whelping box..and by the same breeder..with a desire to prayfully accomplish a divine plan..and make it a reality..and she could not rest until it was done...Her heart is as broken for me as mine is for Molly...The Lord led and Shirley followed..and therefore his plan was carried out....She amazes me more and more every her expressions and actions are as if Molly is telling her every step of the way....or did God realize that I couldn't go on without Molly..or has she been touched by an Angel....What ever it is...There is the three of us now..ME, Molly by my side..and in my heart..and Molly Megan MCQ..known as Meg

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