Melody, 3 mos old

Melody, 9 mos old

Whalom Boston Terrier's
CH. Pequoag's Twice As Nice

6/04/88 - 2/18/99

Owned, loved and handled by Christi Scarpino.

Bred by Nancy Washburn, Melody was our first brood bitch and foundation bitch of Whalom Boston Terriers. She did produce 5 puppies in 3 litters, 4 of which became Champions.
She is missed tremendously, but her memory lives on in our dogs.

Get: CH. Whalom's Corazon de Oro
CH. Whalom's Hurricane Spot
AmCan Bda CH. Whalom's TNT
AmBda CH. Parkhill Whalom Grand Finale

Grand get: CH. Whalom's Strawberry Parfait
Whalom's Girl's Best Friend
Whalom's Piece of Cake
Whalom's Spice Girl
Whalom's Sugar and Spice

Mikki, Melody and Miracle

Here are the original three Bostons that got me started in showing and breeding. Now that Melody is gone, the terrible trio is united at the Rainbow Bridge.

Melody's favorite activity was watching TV and she always slept on her back with her feet up in the air. Miracle loved to play - he never stopped and Mikki was always getting into mischief. Their memory lives on in the other 8 Bostons that live here!

Photo by Christi

Lighting a candle in memory

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