Misty Blue

Misty Blue

December 21, 2000.

My 19 and 1/2 years old Misty Blue was put to rest on December 21, 2000. She had one blue eye. Totally blind, probably hearing impaired (could not tell directions when called), she remained totally mentally alert till her last hours and did her "potty things" on command! Even though she started showering her pee here and there and was confined during her last few days. I adopted her when she was at least 11 years old (she was to be given to anyone who would take her). During the years that followed, we traveled from California to Arizona (she had sat and stared at the Grand Canyon on my lap, did a couple hikes at the Petrified Forest, stayed at the hotel at Monument Valley, etc.) In Utah, Misty left her footprints on the trails at Zion and Bryce Canyon Nat. Parks. Misty also visited New Mexico and Canada. She ran very fast on Canadian roads and played with Canadian children at the park. Once, even "shot up" into the air to catch a flying bird, at that senior age! Very intelligent, loving and energetic, Misty will be forever missed. A friend (biologist/curator) is in the process of tanning and preserving her skin. I would be glad to have part of her back with me. I wanted to freeze dry her but did not know the where and how to send her. Misty, I like to believe that you are with the other lovely Bostons, free and healthy at Rainbow Bridge, till we meet again. For one day, I too, as all organisms, would leave this worldly earth and we would be together again in a timeless, kinder and happier place.

Love you and miss you always.

Photo by Pauline

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