Maus and Dweazel

Maus and Dweazel

Maus and Dweazel

The boys, together again.

Deeply missed by Mom and Dad, Nyota, Biddy, Squeek, Siobhan and Jeremy.

Maus and Dweazel's Story

In May of 1983, I was visiting family in the Adirondacks, when my sister told me that my niece, Linda, had 2 kittens she needed to place. Naturally, I had to go see them, and fell in love with them instantly. I put them in the car, and started off to home, which was in Rochester at that time. As we were riding along, I tried to think of names for them. Just at that time, a song by Frank Zappa came on, and I said to them, "Boy, that guy picks really strange names for his kids. His son's name is Dweazel." The long haired kitten mewed at me every time I said the name Dweazel, so it stuck. The other little kitten kept crying, so I said to him "Boy, you are a MOUTH!" It got shortened to Maus, which is a much more dignified name.

About 18 months ago, Dweazel started dragging his left hind leg, so we took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with a spinal tumor, and given about 2 months to live. We nursed him through those 2 months, giving him meds and IV fluids, till he started having a lot of pain, so we gave him mercy, and sent him to the Rainbow Bridge. he died on June 13th, 1999. He was 16 years, 2.5 months old.

In early December of 1999, Maus started having seizures. They happened about once a month. He seemed fine other wise, till early October 2000. Then he got a cold, and started losing weight. Last night, Nov. 13th, he stopped eating and drinking, and I told him if he need to go to be with his brother he could. I kept seeing his brother out of the corner of my eye. He got up and layed near the bookcase where his brother's ashes are kept. Every time we would pick him up to put him back where it was warmer, he would make his way back to that spot.

This morning, he was so weak he couldn't stand up, but he dragged himself back in front of the bookcase. I picked him up and wrapped him in a soft towel, and laid him in front of the kerosene heater, so he would stay warm. About 7:30 am, he started to have agonal breathing, so I reached down and scratched his ears and said he could go. At 7:34 am, he left to join his brother, Dweazel, and friends Tanglefoot and Pixel at the Rainbow Bridge. He was 17.5 years old. He outlived his brother by 1 year, 5 months and 1 day.

They were our first cats, and will always be loved.

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