Unchained Melody

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Molly still lives with me, she's never very far.
She's the first I see in the morning,
And she's the first to get in the car.
We always are together, and have lots of fun on walks
Than a lot of the times We'll just sit on the floor and talk.

We listen to music, and sing and dance,
Than she barks and takes her famous bulldog stance.
We do the tummy rub, and scratches, and I get a kiss.
She comes back for more and more,
There isn't a one she wants to miss.

When we go to bed at night, I close my eyes and see,
Her jumping on my bed, and snuggling up to me.
YOU wonder why I say this!! BECAUSE I know were not apart,
Molly still lives with me, in my life, my soul, my heart..

Written for Molly by Judy N


Somewhere over the Rainbow, Molly you are there,
Romping with all your friends, playing games on a dare.
With all its beautiful colors, it must be so bright!!!!
I bet you play all day, and smile, I'm sure there is no night.
No thunder there to scare you, firecrackers or guns,
The angels entertain you, all the time your having fun.
And every time I see the Rainbow, I think of you,
Smiling at me and saying, "Canít wait until youíre up here too!"

And than I say, "Molly, will you talk to him,
And tell him I feel so bad about losing you?
And that here on this side of the Rainbow,
All the colors are drab and blue..
Tell him I'm having a hard time, without you by my side,
And I will watch forever, for you, and keep looking far and wide.

Tell him my feet wonít dance, and I canít seem to sing,
And please God, pull me over the Rainbow, let me hear Molly's voice ring.
I know there is a promise, in the rainbow, and itís not a pot of gold.
Itís Gods love and reflection, and than Molly I get to hold.

So play near the Bridge, Dear Molly,
Watch for me, and chase those heavenly cats,
And Arch Angel Michael, and St. Francis,
Please give her a rub, a hug, and a pat....

Written for Molly by Judy

The Silhouette

The silhouette stands boldly
at the end of the hallway
ears erect, eyes like jewels
the tail, it softly sways

This wouldn't be the first time
I've seen her standing nearby
her image clear as crystal
from the corner of my eye

Her visits I don't share with some
who think I've went over and beyond
the grieving time they deem I need
they say I should move on

I sometimes pity people who
have never felt just cause
to share the bonds between two souls
one with hands and one with paws

The silhouette reminds me
what the others say is wrong
for as long as breath goes through me
there exists our mighty bond

When the keeper calls me home
and the bridge gates open wide
our bond will deepen ten fold
as we walk through side by side

You see, I am the lucky one
as I have been truly blessed
for someday we'll walk together
as eternal silhouettes.

By Terri Onorato


Only those of us that knew Molly,
could know the true meaning of love,
She was once in a lifetime,
a messenger from above.
When you looked in her face and eyes,
You could see the windows of her
It reaffirmed your belief in
God that only,
A Divine power, made such a mold.

She prepared for eternity,
in her own unique way,
Through each heart beat,
she shed thy loves rays.
She was sweet and kind,
and loved all she met,
She showed Gods love
unconditionally, My beloved pet.

She embraced my life,
This angel of mine,
And I will love her forever,
till the end of time...
I will never give up,
I will never let go,
I will look for her in heaven,
until my girl I can hold...

Written for Molly
by Judy N


Father in heaven, I come to you as a
sinner, unworthy of your love,
The dog that you gave me, My
Molly you know the one I speak of.
My mind is tormented,
My soul has no peace
The tears wont stop flowing,
I'm so full of grief.
My constant companion,
My wonderful friend
Your gift from heaven,
to me you did lend.

My soul is in anguish,
my life in despair
I cannot be comforted,
My pain I can't bear
My love is so deep, our souls intertwine
I will not give up, this dog I will find....
Her eyes showed your love,
her life held you near,
I lived with the Savior,
her heart kept you here.

Oh God most Holy,
Oh Lord most high,
Tell me Dear Savior,
why Molly had to die???
Is she gone forever,
let her love find me too
Please help us Dear Savior,
we commit to serve you...
She did your work,
Many lives she did touch,
She gave and she loved,
and she cared so much
Our spirits will search,
we will find and will meet,
We will never give up,
we will seek and will seek

We'll soar and we'll fly,
through the heavens above
This Molly of mine, and go
on with our love.
We'll grasp hand and paw,
and laugh as we show,
The Rainbow and stars,
how our love overflows.
Oh Father let Molly and I fly
through eternity,
And let the angels guard her,
till I come home to thee....

written for Molly
by Judy

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