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Fair Molly Mcq, A Boston Terrier owned by Ladys Mcq is featured in, and graces the cover of the newly released book called ITS O.K TO CRY...Millions of pets die every year leaving their owners emotionally devastated by the loss and forced to grieve on their own The American society provided little support and, In fact actually scoffs at the Idea of grieving for a dumb animal. People callously suggest, 'Why donít you go out and buy another pet? KK Communications introduced a new book, ITS O.K. TO CRY, to provide this much needed support.. The book features touching stories of people, like Judy Neely of Missoula. Montana. LadysMcq, who have lost a beloved pet and relates how they nave learned to cope with the pain...Maria L King, President of K&K communications says 'sharing the stories help the memories of our four legged companions to live forever.. By sharing the stories about personal loss the authors hope to help others cope with their grieving and to provide emotional support not found in many communities. The telling of the stories touches the hearts of those who read them and opens up new insights into their feelings. Denny Rule, whose story about the death of his brown Dachshund, Susie Marie, appears in the book, says Some people would tell us to go out and get another one - I felt that was very cold. Would you tell a mother and father who had lost their infant child to go right out and get another one?? I donít think people truly understand the nature of love.. You just canít replace it . "Itís Ok To Cry contains 62 stories of people from the United States Canada, and England. There are stories from pet owners, veterinarians, animal trainers, zoo keepers, dog wardens, Policemen, firemen, war veterans, children, celebrities and pet counselors. There are stories about dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animal companions. Judy Neely shares the story of her Boston Terrier, Fair Molly Mcq. In the book she says Mollyís death has given me a deep understanding of grief. I learned that the animal and human ∑relationship is a bond that is vividly powerful. "Reading these stories will help grieving pet owners to realize that they are not alone- Others have walked this path before and have come out stronger and wiser. This book gives people hope that they can heal the pain of losses. In the book Robert w. Weatherwax Sr., owner and trainer of Lassie, shares his experience with The deaths of the various dogs that have played Lassie. He says. l grieve for the dog before they die, I see them grow old where they can hardly walk. I know that I will have to put the dog to sleep, so I grieve..

To order the book,Send email to for pricing and mailing address. Each book will be signed and dated. This book must be made accessible to vet clinics, pet shops, pet support groups and anyone that has experienced the loss of their beloved friend. Judy is available for grief support seminars and group talks. Fair Molly Mcq was honored by the Delta Society in í97 with her certification as a Therapy dog in the pet partners program. Molly worked with Judy in the Alzheimers Unit - The Rainbow Center - at The Village Health Care Center, and was the first facility pet at St. Lukes Extended Care Facility. Molly gave her unconditional love to hundreds of patients. A tribute was made to Molly by past Editor of the Missoulian, Dave Rutter, on April 29, 1996, 6 weeks before she made the transition to the Rainbow Bridge.

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