January 22 to February 04, 2005.

For love of a tiny kit.

Morgan and a sibling were born in my garage on a very cold winter's day. His momma didn't know what to do, and abandoned her babies. (I may have scared her when I went to the garage. Sadly, the one little one had already went to the Bridge before I found them. Luckily, Morgan was screaming his little lungs out, or he woud have died that day also.

I brought him inside and said to Dave "I have a big problem", and handed him the baby. He immediately cuddled him close to get him warm, while I went looking for others. After an unsuccessful search, I went back inside to take care of him. I had some formula and bottles left over from kits the year before, and he sucked it down like a pro.

He had such a personality for such a little guy! You could rub him on his belly and he would roll over for more, and would chew on your fingers like he was going to eat you alive. Sadly, he became ill with a virus when he was about 10 days old, and was unable to fight it off.

Such a little love, and he has left a large hole in my heart.

A candle to light the way
Lighting a candle in memory

Going through the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

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