August 11, 1986 to August 5th, 1998

In memory of our dear little girl, Muggers Dee Muggers (Mugs) You worked your way straight into our hearts from the day we brought you home. You were a real 'people dog,' and loved to greet company with a bark and a lick. We always said you must have a 'Beagle's' tongue since it was so long, you couldn't keep in all in your mouth! You daddy always said you were 'smarter than Lassie,' and he was right. You did everything with us like a real family member, which to us you were. You loved to swim, camp, sled ride, play ball, and just be anywhere we were. You loved us with all your little heart, and we loved you right back. Ronnie (your boy) couldn't get to sleep last night without your warm body curled up next to him. Christy (your human sister) remembers all the tears you licked dry when she'd had a heartbreak. You left an empty place in our hearts that no other dog can fill. On your gravestone we wrote simply "Best Dog Ever," and that says it all. We'll always love you Muggers, and we hope you're happy and healthy now with all the other BT angels. Will miss you forever.

Love Mom, Dad, Christy, and Ronnie

Photo by Joy

Lighting a candle in memory

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Last updated August 6, 1998.