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Murphy and Conan

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Conan's Story

I answered an ad in the Newpaper. I leave a message and wait. I get this STRANGE phone call from a woman asking if I was the person interested in the Boston Terrier puppy. Weird.... Well, she gave me another number to call. ( I should have run in the other direction at that point). I called. Talked to a man who gave me the weirdest story....CIA, spies, can't be too careful even in retirement. Lived in Europe, but always had BT's. Had one left from the litter...a male (we wanted a female). Meet him behind this country shop on the border of Alabama and Florida and he would bring the pup and the parents for us to see. (should have turned and run at that point) We drive miles on this US highway to get to this spot (his house was too hard to find) (should have ran). Bob and I are getting a little nervous. Wonder why we are doing this. We wait...the man is late. Finally a car pulls up. There are two BT's riding with him in the front. He takes a dirty carrier out of the back seat. This little black and white wiggly thing comes scurrying out. It is love...the pup is filthy.. fleas everywhere, but very spunky. I quick...write out a check. No WAY this pup is going back to that man. We take the pup and RUN and never looked back.

Conan got his name because I wanted to tease my brother for wanting to give his son Conan as a middle name (which he did). And Conan was such a little barbarian compared to my cats. He stole our hearts. He was non-stop action. I wondered what we had gotten into. He never seemed to run out of speed.

Then he developed Demodectic Mange. Thought we were going to lose this little live wire of a pup. Awful times. Went through six dips and everytime thought he would die. He had no hair....nothing uglier then a BT with no hair. Finally when he reached 6 months and we were able to have him neutered, we felt like we had finally reached a cross roads where we wouldn't have to worry about him.

Then he tore a ligament chasing the cats. It was surgery again. He is now approaching the age of 3 and is still the live wire he was as a pup. But he has also turned into my Lover sweet, gentle boy. Mr. Man who protects mom and the house from dangers larger then him. All rolled up in a 20 pound package of love and muscle. I wonder how the rest of the world can live with out the love and adoration of a Boston Terrier?


Once upon a time there was an Every Ready puppy named Conan. He was the delight of his family, but he really needed a playmate. Mom and Dad just couldn't keep up with him. So Mom went looking for another Boston Terrier to keep him company. This search took quiet a while because the new puppy had to be just right. Mom and Dad had already decided to have the new puppy be a female, so Conan won't be threatened by the introduction of another male.

So when Mom got the go ahead from Dad to actively start looking for another addition to the family, she turned to the all knowing Boston Terrier Bulletin Board and inquired as to where the search should begin. Well, apparently, the powers that be had already decided that we needed another Boston. And as luck would have it a very reputable Boston Breeder was getting ready to start another litter. She had gotten with another conspirator and decided that I was getting a pup from her litter if there was a female. It had already been decided on the BB that the new addition would be named Murphy. A name I found delightful for a little female BT puppy.

So now we waited in anticipation. I drove everyone at work nuts with my waiting. All I could do was talk about the up and coming "Glorious event". When it finally happened we had 3 female puppies and one male. Three of four pups were brindle. I was sent pictures and picked out the lightest brindle female in the group. I asked the breeder to call her Murphy right from the start so she would know she was already someone's baby girl,and loved before she was even born. She grew to be the largest and most vivacious pup of the litter. Planting all feet in the feed dish the first time they were given "real" food. She wasn't even afraid of the older dogs the first time the puppies were introduced to the rest of the "family". She was destined to be our little princess.

At long last the day came for us to go and get our little girl. I had already arranged for leave so I could be home for her first 10 days. Katie (my daughter) and I took off in a huge rented car and doing 80-90 miles per hour (and we were still being passed) we got to Ocala, FL in a record 5 hours. Didn't sleep in anticipation. And met with our New friends Maralyn Trant and her husband Ken, bright and early. Had a ball watching Conan trying to figure out just what Murphy was. And she didn't even blink an eye. Came home with us and never even cried.

She has us very well trained. She doesn't walk on a leash. She has to see where I am at all times so she walks backwards in front of me when she is on a leash. She cries when I leave the house for any reason with out her. She asks for the car keys even though she is too young to drive. She cuddles right in when ever I sit down, and cleans my face and hands for hours every day. She lets Conan think he is alpha dog. But she has him in control also. She listen to every word I say to her very intently as if she understands me perfectly. She is bouncy and perky and the perfect little princess, Mama's little darling.

Photos and stories by Debbie
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