Nyota Jean

Nyota Jean

Nyota Jean

1985 to Sept 9, 2001
Goodbye, Baby Brat

Deeply missed by Mom and Dad, Biddy, Squeek, Siobhan, Jeremy and Jasper.

Nyota Jean's Tale

In 1985, a friend of mine's cat had kittens, and she asked me if I would like one. I told her yes, and came home with this little black ball of fuzz. I decided to name her Nyota Jean - Nyota after Uhura on Star Trek, and Jean for her former "mom". She was our first female kitten, and the boys did not know what to do. Tanglefoot liked her, as he was still a young cat. Maus hissed at her,and Dweazel licked her. Dwee should have been a mom cat!

She was my "baby girl". She would sit on my lap whenever I sat down, and slept beside my pillow at night. I would roll over in bed and get a face full of long black fur. She had an attitude, and would meow at you if she thought you weren't doing things right. We called her the baby brat. Her tail was quite expressive, flicking mightily if she was mad.

About 3 weeks ago, she got out of the litter box, and couldn't walk on one of her back legs. I was concerned, but it cleared right up, so I thought it may have been a pulled muscle. Then, last Saturday, Sept. 1, she had another episode, and was crying in pain, so I took her off to the vet. She examined her, and told me that she had had a blood clot in the vein to her leg, and that usually meant heart failure. The vet gave her some medications and sent her home. She seemed to be doing ok, till Wednesday night. She had another clot, this time in her front leg on the same side. She still wasn't in pain, so we kept her comfortable, and watched.

This morning, about 10:15 am, I heard her crying in pain. She had another clot, and this time she couldn't move except for her left front leg. Even her tail was silent. We decided that it was time, and took her off to the vets. She went to the Rainbow Bridge at 12:15 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 9, 2001.

Always in my heart, Baby Brat!

"May you see with eyes of light in ever-dark,
may your mind walk free and unfettered amoungst all, touching wisely and well.
May you go in peace."

Gayle Greeno - Mind Speaker's Call.

Lighting a candle in memory

Going through the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

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