Otis at 5 weeks. Isn't he adorable?

Baby Otis, at age 8 mos.

So Sleepy!

I already had the joy of owning a wonderful BT named Oscar before I got my Otis. Oscar was my pal and my companion and my teenage friend. I told him everything and he slept in my bed with me from the day we got him. When I got married in June of 1995. I felt joy from being a Newlywed. But there was a little something missing. My dog. I was so used to having this crazy BT named Oscar to come home to for so many years living at home, that it was kind of lonely to come home to an empty house before my husband got home from work. Besides, we all know what kind of companion a BT can be. Once you have it, you miss it once it's gone.

I started looking for a BT puppy. Found a breeder in my area and put a deposit down on a male BT. The litter hadn't been born yet. November 20th 1995 was the special day. I picked out my Otis when he was only 3 weeks old. And two weeks later, at 5 weeks of age. Otis came home.

He was small and skinny and the owners gave him to me all dirty and covered with dog food. I also noticed that one of his eyes were a gray color and I knew it was going to turn blue. I had never seen a BT with one blue eye and I almost told the folks I didn't want him! Anyway, I cleaned him up and headed over to Mom's house so Oscar could meet his new "brother." We laughed at them getting aquatinted and little Otis wasn't afraid of big old' Oscar.

I have to be honest, I was looking for a replacement for my Oscar. I missed my old man, and I wouldn't settle for anything less than a BT. I had been spoiled by his love and just the BT character. As Otis grew older, I loved him more and more. But in the beginning I was a tad disappointed that he wasn't like my Oscar. Otis didn't seem to have much of a personality. He acted like, well, he acted like a DOG. I then realized that it just took a little time, and sure enough, Otis has quite a personality and I learned early on to love him for what he is and not for what my Oscar was.

Otis will be 3 years old this year, 1998. He has brought me so much joy and he is just plain old funny! The little snugly noises he makes before settling into his comfy spot for the evening. The way he stands on the very edge of the couch, wriggling and whimpering as I walk in the door from being gone all day at work. The way he shoves any available sock he can find in his mouth as far as it can go, and then comes up to my face and tries to give it to me. The way his little ears go flat when he is happy. We call it "No Horns." Otis has "No Horns"

And my husband loves him SO much. This coming from a man who didn't understand my love for my old man Oscar. This is coming from a man who when I put the deposit down on my Otis, he said.."NO DOGS IN THE BED, NO DOGS ON THE FURNITURE." My husband never really had a "pet" before. Otis has stolen his heart. Who sleeps in the bed right between Papa's legs? OTIS. Who snuggles behind Papa's legs when he laying on the couch? OTIS.

My husband told me that he never realized that he'd love a pet so much. Now he understands how I felt about leaving my Oscar when we got married. Because he knows now that he could never leave Otis.

How we got his name.

I wanted to name him Otis, however when I had to fill out his papers, I didn't want to put just Otis. So considering we got him around the holidays, we put his AKC Registered name as O'tis The Season. Otis!

Photo by Shanna Jo

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