Pat's Pups


This first pic of them, they are just resting after having a big run, as you can see, Buffy is waiting for Sassi to get up and do it again, they do love each other so much and are together constantly.

Miss Sassi II

here is Miss Sassi II, she has the same father as my first little Sassi, she is the boss, the more dominant of the two, even tho she is half the size of Buffy, she likes to tell her what to do and when to do it. She is a domineering little girl, but is such fun.

Miss Buffy

This is Buffy, my husband took me out to get her right after we lost our little Sassi, he thought it would ease my pain, and she did. She is such a good girl, has a wonderful disposition, here she is, standing at attention, out in the yard, waiting for some activity to start.

WHAT are you doing to our DAD???

I like this pic of them, my daughter was up from Colorado, and was cutting my hubbys hair(I cut his head off!), and the girls were very interested, think they wanted a trim too!

Best Pals

This is one of my favorites, my little grandson, Preston, who I babysit three days a week, and his pals, can't hardly see Buffy, Sassi is so possessive of Preston, she wants no one else around him, they are real pals.


This is the best part of the day for the girls, their naptime. After they romp and play, they just snuggle up and take a nap, and then, out to play again, it never ends for them.

Sassi II and Buffy can be reached at their mom Pat's email address.

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