Pixel and his dad


Here is Pixel, doing what he most loved, sitting on my husband David's lap.
Pixie died October 10, 1996 after being mauled by our dog, Buster. We miss him terribly.

To My Dude

The tears still fall,
even after all
these years have gone by.

Captured deep in my heart,
the memories start
tears falling down.

Remembering you,
and your funny ways,
Those memories will last til,
the end of my days.

Deeply missed by Mom and Dad.
It has now been 14 years since you've gone. Miss you more than ever. We hope that you and Maus, Dweazel, Tanglefoot, Nyota Biddy, Squeek, Siobhan and Jeremy are having a grand time at the Bridge. We will be with you as soon as we are able.

Little Dude

Pixel's Story

Pixel came into our lives one night in late October, 1987. Dave and I were sitting in the living room, watching tv, when a knock came on the door. He answered it, and there were 3 kids standing there, holdin on to this little orange and white kitten, about 3 mos of age. The oldest girl, Brandy, ask us if we could take him to the humane society in the a.m., as he was being abused where he was living. Seems that she saw his owner kick him into the wall after he got into the garbage. They didn't believe in giving their cats any food - said that they could hunt for it. I took him from Brandy, and said yes, I could take him there, and handed him to Dave. We checked him out for apparent injuries, and bade the kids goodnight, and thanked them for bringing him to us. We gave him some food, which he vacuumed up like it had been forever since he ate last - and it probably was. He was underweight, but not badly.

Dave picked him up after he ate, and sat down on the couch with him. He promptly went to sleep on his chest, and slept there for hours. Dave didn't want to move, he was so content. Our other cats were very interested, but we didn't want to get attached to him, as he was to go to the humane society in the a.m., so we put him in a carrier with a small litter box and more dry food. He slept there all night long. The next day, I mentioned that I was going to take him over to the humane association, and Dave looked at me and said that he could stay. So, I named him Pixel, after Robert Heinlein's cat in his book, The Cat Who Walked Through Walls. But Pixie didn't walk through them, just into them. ::grin::

He had a love for Milky Way candy bar wrappers, and would carry them around and give them to Dave, so he could throw them for him. It was so cute, seeing him walking with one in his mouth - it was bigger than he was!! He also liked to chew Dave's mustache, and would sit on his chest to do it. He grew to be about 15 lbs, and had the most gorgeous copper eyes. They almost matched his fur,which became a red gold. He was a lapful! At night, he would lie in the middle of Dave's back, and knead. He knew what time Dave had to go to work, and was a great alarm cat. He sometimes would get between Dave and I, and trying to move him was like moving a ton of bricks. ::grin::

In October of 1996, we started having problems with our Boston Terrier, Buster. He started snapping at us, and disobeying us when we would tell him to do stuff. We usually put him and his brother in their room when we leave the house, but he had decided that he WASN'T going in there, so we left them out occasionally. On October 9th, 1996, Dave came home for lunch - I wasn't home yet, as I had a dr's appt and was late. Buster gave him a hard time about going back into the room, so he left them out and went back to work. I came home 5 minutes after he left. I got out of the car, and heard the dogs barking, so I rushed in and found Buster standing over a badly injured Pixel - he had mauled him. I ordered him away - and he came after me. I coaxed him and his brother, who had been barking at him trying to drive him away from Pixie, into going into their room, and came back downstairs in a panic. I called my vet, and they didn't have a vet on till 2pm, so they told me to call another vet near them. In the meantime, I am trying to comfort him, and get him wrapped up in blankets so he won't lose anymore heat - he was in shock - I took a carrier apart, and moved him into the bottom, then called Dave and told him what had happened, and took off to the vets. He was badly mauled - he had a puncture wound to his rt. shoulder, plus a badly fracture rt leg, and internal injuries. The vet got him stabilized enough so I could take him to my own vet, 2 miles away, but when I got him there, they didn't even seem to want to treat him. I left him there, as I trusted them with him, and asked them to call me if anything needed to be done or he had problems. They called and said that he looked better at about 8pm, and was resting comfortably. They were going to do repair surgery on his leg the next am, if he had a good night. I called them at 7:30, as soon as they opened, and they told me that he wasn't doing at all well, in fact they were expecting him to die. I asked if I could come down, and they said to wait till my vet got in, and they would call me. My vet got there at 8am, and he died shortly after. Dr. Chapman called me to tell me, and said that he had died from the internal injuries. He was 9 years old.

In the mean time, David wanted me to put Buster to sleep, as he didn't want him around anymore. I took Buster to the vets and boarded him over night, and we decided to try to have him adopted out. But, after long talks with the vet and others we decided that we didn't want to give anyone else our problem, so we kept him. We put him on Rescue Remedy, but that seemed to wear off after a while, and he started attacking my cats again - nobody got hurt these times, but that is only because we never let him out of our sight for more than a min or 2. He is now on St.John's Wort, and it is working. (Note: on May 5th, 2001, we had to put Buster to sleep because he was becoming more aggressive. Our vet said he probably had a brain tumor.)

We had Pixel cremated, and his ashes are on our bookshelf in the living room, along with a picture of him and some of his favourite toys. We still miss him dearly, but he "visits" us - we see him occasionally walking through the house, or in his favourite places. I saw him one night on Dave's back, purring away. Dave said he felt him too, so I wasn't dreaming. Jeremy, our little red tiger cat, sees him and plays with him. They used to play a game of "chuff",where they would sit face to face, and "chuff" at each other, then do a slow motion slap and fall. It was cute to watch them. Jeremy was playing that the other night with Pixie, but I could only see Jere. But, by his actions, you knew he could see Pixie. He "talks" to him sometimes too, calling him to come play with him. It is sort of sad to see it, but he is still around, I know it in my heart. We will meet again on that bridge, and will talk to him and hug him till forever ends.

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