Baby Pixel, coming out of the bathroom. Can't I have some privacy here?

Excuse ME!

Chewing on his foot - must taste good!


Here is Pixie, doing what he loved to do, be near us.

Pixel and Squeek

Pixie and Squeeky, eating corn on the cob the RIGHT way!

Pixel waiting

Here he is, laying on the back of our couch, waiting for one of us to join him.

Movie, anyone?

Sitting on our tv stand, watching us.

Pixel and Mom

I picked him up and cuddled him, and I guess I was holding him too tight. He didn't want his picture taken!

Dad and Dude

Here he is, with his "person", his dad. He loved him dearly.

Lighting a candle in memory

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Last updated March 12, 1998.