Rainbow Angel

The Rainbow Angel comes from the heavens bringing health and comfort, love and peace, to all who are in need. She was born at the dawn of creation in the great circle of life, and she dwells within all living hearts. Whenever a heart cries out to the heavens, the forever-young Rainbow Angel spreads her wings and flies to give inspiration, comfort and aid.

Her arms are always open, ready to embrace, to surround you with her mantle of comfort and peace. She brings with her magic, that which is needed for the time it is needed, and when her job is done, she flies back home within your heart, waiting until you call her again. A gift of love from the Creator, the Rainbow Angel is with you for all your days, and will never leave you. She never judges or condemns, but with infinite patience and understanding, gently guides you to the solution of your problems.

If you, or someone you love is in crisis, or is even just having a bad day, you can always call on your Rainbow Angel for help, inspiration and guidance. No problem is too mundane, too silly or small for her gentle attention. If it is important to you, it is just as important to her. She does not care why you have called her. The fact that you have called her is sufficient. She always comes.

Like the light of the sun and the stars, like the winds of the air and the waves of the sea, the Rainbow Angel belongs to each and every being who lives in this world. She will play with you, she will grieve with you, she will struggle with you, she will create with you. A being of pure love, the love which dwells deep within us all, The Rainbow Angel is yours, now and forever. You bond with her when she tells you her name. All you have to do is ask.

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Last updated June 12, 1998.